Letter to the Editor: Student fees disproportionate

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I am both interested and upset by the recent article “Student fees fund athletics, DSUSA, events, building costs.” According to the graph, $80 from each student goes to athletics. 

This seems shockingly disproportionate, as the purpose of attending a university is to obtain education and not play games. So I want to know why the majority of our student fees are allocated for anything other than education.

As a tutor working in the Dixie State University Writing Center situated in room 421 of the Jeffrey R. Holland Centennial Commons for the last few years, I can tell you we do not have the funding we need to operate to the best of our ability. 

We’ve had to cut back the hours and days of the week we are available to students as well as the resources we can provide. 

The majority of our students are not even aware of our existence let alone our location. There is also a persistent myth that taking advantage of tutoring services costs additional money. Athletics receive $80 per student; we receive $2. 

The Writing Center is set up to benefit every student. We have been denied any increase whatsoever by the Student Fee Allocation Committee and told we should find our funding elsewhere. Exactly where should we find our funding? Looking at your graph, the answer seems obvious.


Rachael Musser
Senior English major from Ivins