Letter to the Editor: MIC not biased in awarding scholarships

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After reviewing the article “Race shouldn’t be the determining factor in education” our members of the Multicultural Inclusion Center found it inaccurate to imply the MIC to be racially bias towards our scholarship opportunities. 

We understand that everyone has freedom of speech, however don’t see how our scholarship would be considered racially bias considering how our scholarships has academic prerequisites and requirements. 

Diana Fossett stated, that her scholarship “is based on the work I perform and is something I can take pride in,” she implies: 1. Our scholarship students don’t work for their scholarships, and 2. Are not proud of their work. Many of us found it disrespectful considering how our students are constantly working to promote cultural diversity and serve the community as MIC and Dixie State students. 

We do not believe in free handouts, as Fossett expressed herself. We follow an academic rubric and make sure each scholarship applicant meets requirements throughout the year. Each applicant must meet criteria based on academic performance and financial aid status – just like many other scholarships. Some of our students have applied for outside donor-funded scholarships, took out loans or found part-time jobs. 

We respect her thoughts, yet we deserve our respect as a hardworking department. Our objective is simple – we want students, staff and faculty at DSU to feel comfortable about who they are and where they come from. We are proud of our labels, take pride in our work and are proud to support and invest our students’ futures. 

Isaiah Clark
Junior exercise science major
from Riverside, California