Letter to the Editor: Women’s sports not being promoted

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I would like to address the lack of promotion for women’s athletic events on campus.

I am a member of the Dixie State University women’s basketball team. There have been multiple instances that the men and the women’s basketball teams play on the same night and posters around campus have only advertised for the men’s game. I think this is very disrespectful especially considering student government is who puts the posters together. I thought they were supposed to support all students. 

I understand the men’s team generates more supporters than the women’s team, but that does not mean they shouldn’t promote the games equally. I’m sure you can see why this would be frustrating. As a player on the team, I fully understand that the men’s team is going to have more supporters, but it is really terrible when your game isn’t even recognized on campus posters. The women work just as hard as the men do to play college sports so they should be supported by their fellow students just the same. 

I think that this issue needs to be brought to light especially because it’s our own student government who is failing to recognize and equally support all teams. Every team should get equal recognition for their sport regardless of what gender. Student athletes are a big part of the identity of Dixie State and they should be recognized for their hard work and dedication to education, their sport and this university. 

Ashlee Burge
Junior business major
From Riverton