Letter to the editor: DSU doesn’t take itself seriously

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Oh, Dixie. I swear, when I’m finally at a truce with you, something else comes to my attention. Again and again and again. This school is so passive is makes me look aggressive.

The issue concerns the unfairness with adjuncts. However, I think it’s a broader issue.

I wish this school had its priorities right. Professors give out degrees, and students take them. That seems to be the only vital agenda, huh? It’s the job! Right! Yes! A job! Need those numbers higher! Give me that piece of flimsy paper and go to the next semester. The semester ends and that’s that. Yes, I understand. Students learn what they want and, hopefully, a handful will be changed by it.

Except, one problem: change doesn’t happen that way.

It needs to be constantly focused. Change is prepared. I had a professor tell me not to take this so-called higher education seriously. To not to care as much as I do. What does that show of Dixie? “Probably didn’t read it.” The professor said that, too.

Want to know what I’ll remember once I graduate in May? I’ll remember students telling me how they bullshit papers, memorize test questions, suck up as much as possible, skip because they can, and not read a chapter and say they did. Most importantly, I’ll remember how unethical the whole system is — to both the dedicated students and underpaid instructors.

And sure, I should get off this high horse of mine. But, I can’t. It’s just too damn good of a view from up here, looking at this joke. I know, this is harsh. Maybe a bit dramatic. Although, it’s because I care too much and it drives me mad seeing the skewed circumstance of things.

 Go Desert Storm! Or whatever we are! 

Kassidy Waddell
English major
Gilbert, Arizona