Dance students thrive in all genres of dance at spring dance recital

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Crowds filled almost all of the seats for Dixie State University’s spring dance recital.

The students have been practicing for this recital since last August and were expected to rehearse three times a week for two hours. Those who were chosen to perform for DSU’s Dance Company were also required to take technique classes during the semester to help prepare for the recital. 

Cora Hamer, a senior dance major from St. George, said because she has practiced for so long, she couldn’t wait to show off how hard she worked with her other teammates.

“We just love to perform, so it means a lot to us [dancers],” Hamer said.

The recital offered an array of duet and solo dance styles, from jazz and ballet to hip-hop and world dance.

“Most universities will train a dancer to just major in contemporary or ballet, but [DSU] is unique in that it requires excellence in all genres,” said Steffi England, a senior dance major from Meadow. 

England said Brandon Bryant, who was a first runner-up for “So You Think You Can Dance?”, helped choreograph one of the hip-hop routines for the recital. 

“It was really neat to be able to take a hip-hop class from Brandon Bryant,” England said. “Dance Professor Li Lei has a gift to be able to bring incredible teachers to DSU.”

Another piece called, “Live,” was choreographed by Megan Young, a dance adjunct instructor, to commemorate two of her close friends who died during child birth. 

“Both have greatly inspired me to reflect on my own life and ask myself, ‘Am I focusing on what is truly the most important to me and living my life to the fullest?'” Young said. “I have learned that choreography is one of my life’s passions, and I dedicate this dance to Mallory Rosenquist, Sharry Buchanan-Decker and all others who have inspired us to live.”

For those interested in attending, the concert is scheduled Friday and Saturday at 7:30 p.m. in the Eccles Fine Arts Center. Tickets are $12 for adults, $10 for seniors, and $2 for students with their DSU ID.