Phase II rennovations to Legend Solar Stadium to begin

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The Dixie State University athletics department announced the second phase of construction to Legend Solar Stadium will begin later this month.

In the coming months, even more amenities will be added to Legend Solar Stadium that both fans and athletes can experience. 

Phase II includes installing an east grandstand featuring 5,000 seats, locker rooms, storage space, training rooms, restrooms, concession stands and ticket booths.

DSU received a $10 million donation last spring that will fund Phase II of the renovation project. 

Legend Solar Stadium will host all outdoor 2017 sporting events, along with other activities, considering the  renovations won’t impact the field.

“The campus and university will love everything,” said Jason Boothe, executive director of athletics. “We have taken it up a level in the amenities that we offer to our fans and community and students and staff that use it and will be a top notch on campus. It will be the largest stadium south of Provo.”

The construction team plans to begin working on Stage II in Septemer. The stadium will be open and useable to the public sometime next spring.

Once phase II is complete, the department will look forward to beginning phase III, which has not been put in place yet because funds still need to be allocated to put the plan in affect.

Phase III will be completed when when the athletic department raises the funds.    

“It’s not a matter of if, but rather, when,” Boothe said. 

It will include the renovation, or replacement of, the football locker room and coaches’ offices, and athletic training room.  Additionally, it will include increased public restrooms and a renovated and expanded press box. 

“In coordination with the DSU development office, we will be soliciting for potential donors,” said Steve Johnson, associate athletic director of media relations. “We are focusing on raising the money, and our success in fundraising will determine the timeline for the Phase III completions.”

After the stadium is completed, it will have a capacity of 10,000 seats.

“There’s nothing better [for a game] than fans roaring and cheering; it gets the blood flowing,” Head Football Coach Shay McClure said. “The support [from] student government and [other students] is beyond incredible.”