Georgefest offers students free entertainment every first Friday

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Main Street shuts down, booths fill the sides of the road, the smell of fried food drifts through the air, and music can be heard from blocks away. Just follow the lights in the sky, and you’ll find it. It’s St. George’s first Friday event, Georgefest.

Georgefest takes place on the first Friday of every month. The streetfest event also offers the Jazz Garden, which is only open to those who are 21 and up and is complete with adult beverages.

People of all ages attended the event, although the dominant age group I noticed was definitely junior high to high school range. Performers of all kinds were spread along the street. A magician with a disappearing egg was among them, along with a woman playing guitar and trying to sing over the DJ playing opposite the street of her. “We try to go [to Georgefest] every month,” said Kylyn Fernandez, a junior mathematics major from Maui, Hawaii. “It’s one of the only things to do in St. George, but I like it.”

Fernandez attends Georgefest with her friends who she discovered the event with.

“One day last year we saw the lights in the sky and then just followed them,” said Lexi Knapp, a sophomore nursing major from Chino, California. “When we saw the lights, we said together, ‘let’s go find them!’”

Malia Dustin, a sophomore chemistry major from Boise, Idaho, said her favorite part of Georgefest is the food, and cupcakes from Twentyfive Main Cafe & Cake.

“The food is definitely my favorite part,” Dustin said. “Get the cupcakes for sure. Oh, and tacos, get the tacos.”

Several different food trucks were lined up at Georgefest, including corn dogs, Hawaiian food, tacos, Italian ice and more. I didn’t notice any free food options, but booths did have opportunities to spin their wheels to win free candy or other prizes.

The Shakers, a rock n’ roll band from Los Angeles, performed this month before a DJ took over. Georgefest often hires more alternative bands to play their streetfest. During the band’s hour-and-a-half long performance, a small group was gathered around the stage. However, during the DJ’s set, a larger crowd gathered around to dance and vibe. 

According to Georgefest’s website, “Georgefest celebrates the best of southern Utah and is nightlife you can get excited about.” I would agree Georgefest offers some of the better nightlife in southern Utah. Georgefest offers college students a free event complete with food, dancing and socializing. Not to mention, historic Main Street is lined with art and antique shops that are interesting to look at after you’ve browsed the booths. Now, if only the food was free.