Audition to be DSU’s Brooks the Bison mascot

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 The star of a football game isn’t always the one scoring the most touchdowns — sometimes it’s the school mascot. 

Dixie State University is currently searching for someone to take the role of Brooks the Bison, who made his first appearance during the Trailblazers’ first win in the Legend Solar Stadium in Sept. 2016. 

Dean of Students Del Beatty is helping the university decide who will take on the role of Brooks the Bison. Beatty said the man who played our former mascot Big “D” is a professional mascot, and he was just named as the mascot for the Harlem Globetrotters and as a finalist for the new mascot for the Cleveland Cavaliers. 

Beatty said when you’re a mascot, you can act differently inside the costume than when you’re out of the costume.

“A lot of times, the best mascots are actually really reserved people,” he said. “Like our former mascot, if you met him in real life…he’s really chill and just a nice kid. But when you’re in secret and inside the mascot costume, nobody knows who you are, so you can get away with a lot of stuff. You could go spray silly string on people, and you can jump on people’s laps.”

Chris Captain, a senior finance major from Mesa, Arizona, was Desert Ridge High School’s mascot. He said he enjoyed the secrecy of being the mascot.

“I loved that I could dance around and not be embarrassed at all because you are wearing a costume,” Captain said. “It was fun because I enjoyed getting people pumped up.” 

Cajun Syrett, vice president of athletics for DSU Student Association and a junior communication major from Bryce Canyon City, said DSU  officials don’t take it lightly who they allow in the “coveted uniform.” He said he wants to make sure the mascot can keep a crowd hyped.

“We are looking for someone who can entertain a crowd through all types of skills,” Syrett said. “Things like dancing, performing stunts, and getting a large group of people to participate — all while being completely silent.”

Because the mascot is part of the cheer team, Syrett wants the new mascot to attend cheer practices and Dixie Blaze dance team practices. Syrett also said Brooks the Bison is often requested to come to events aside from athletic home games, such as banquets, birthday parties, formal ribbon cutting events and business meetings. 

There is a scholarship awarded with the mascot position, and the mascot has to meet the same NCAA qualifications as any other athlete would, like remain in good academic standing. Beatty said the mascot should also be active. 

“You have to be in pretty good physical shape just because you would overheat,” Beatty said. “It’s harder than people think. It’s really hot.” 

Syrett said an interview board, whom deals directly with the mascot, is hoping to have a permanent individual chosen to fulfill the role of Brooks the Bison within two weeks. Until then, DSU has been having volunteer fill-ins from people DSU officials know. Syrett said the interview board has received six auditions so far.

To apply, submit a video of yourself describing what you will do as Brooks the Bison to [email protected]