Trailblazers take third loss of the season against Central Washington

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Although the first 12 seconds of the game seemed strong for the Dixie State Trailblazers with a 75 yard touchdown by Running Back Sei-J-Lauago, a sophomore from Paramount, California. A direct snap for the two point conversion put the Trailblazers up by eight giving them their only lead of the game.   

Minutes later No. 34 Christian Cummings, from Central Washington University, scored on a combined 27 yards making the score 8-6.

This is the 19th time both teams have met up since Aug. 30, 2008. DSU recored the first win on Oct. 6. 2012 outlasting CWU 29-12. They went on to win a second victory on Sept. 2015 en route to a 49-20 win.
The Wildcats extend their series lead 16-2.

DSU was forced to punt and was sacked at the one yard line allowing Cummings to run the yard and receive a Central Washington touchdown giving them a score of 8-13. Then a field goal by No. 98 Gavin Todd put Central Washington up 8-14.

Central Washington would start the second quarter with the football. No. 4 Reilly Hennessy rushed the ball for nine yards with a fumble. Central Washington was able to put up another touchdown and a field goal, with a score of 8-21.

DSU answered right back with a pass from quarter back Malik Watson, a senior from Pittsburg, California, to wide receiver Kasey Allison, a sophomore from Moreno Valley, California, for 18 yards making yet another touchdown (14-21).

Towards the end of the half, Hennessey would run the ball in the end zone to give Central Washington the lead. (14-27)

Entering the second half, Central Washington started with the ball leading to another touchdown from Hennessy with a connecting pass to another Wildcat player broadening the score 14-34. 

The Wildcats were able to capitalize on DSU incomplete passes giving them the opportunity to run 16 yards rushing and another Cummings touchdown. (14-41) Field goal was good.

“You can’t make mistakes, and turnovers are going to kill you,” said head coach Shay McClure. “If we get opportunities  to play teams like Central Washington, we can play with anybody if we are doing what we are supposed to do.”

The Trailblazers experienced a drought for the third quarter, while Central Washington kept putting points on the board. At the end of the third, the TrailBlazers were down 14-49.

 “I think we came out strong, but we had too many simples that we can’t have that is ranked 20th in the nation,” said wide receiver Kasey Allison, a sophomore from Moreno Valley, California. “We can’t go out there and make mistakes like that; we have to go in and draw it up and see how we can improve.” 

The Trailblazers, needing desperate yards, fought for a comeback in the fourth quarter with a complete pass from Watson to wide receiver Josiah Blandin, for 12 yards and a touchdown widening the score 20-49, but the field goal  attempt was no good.

The Trailblazers stopped the Wildcats from running the game and gave DSU another opportunity to converge.  Jeffrey Coprich rushed the ball giving DSU another six points.

“I don’t think I am efficient; I think my Offensive line is efficient and my coach are and how efficient are running lines are,“ said running back Sei-J-Lauago.

The Wildcats came right back with a touchdown of their own from Jojo Hillel who rushed for 25 yards. (26-57).

After a timeout from DSU,the Trailblazers came out with energy to run the ball 46 yards for a touchdown by Lauago. (32-58) The two point conversion was good.

The trailblazers wanted to give the hometown something to leave with by scoring a much needed touchdown from Watson to Blandin to end the drive.

The Trailblazers gave it their all but was unable to secure a victory and will look to win Western State on the road next Saturday.

Central Washington will jump to 4-0, while DSU will go 1-3, 1-3 in the RMAC.

Central Washington entered the game with a 3-0 record and nationally ranked at No. 20 in the AFCA Division II. The Trailblazers are 1-10 against ranked opponents securing its first win over a ranked opponent last season against Colorado Mesa. 

Sei-J Lauago ran the ball for a gain of 134 and one touchdown for the night. Teammate Jeffery Coprich run the football for 17 and one touchdown.

DSU ended the night running 25 first down and a total of  284 passing yards. DSU improved from last season having they lost to the same team with a score of 18-40.