Winning homecoming football game significant for Trailblazers

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Dixie State University’s homecoming is a week-long event that climaxes on the day of the football game, but there is more to the celebration.

DSU fans and students alike gathered in front of Legend Solar Stadium Saturday at 11 a.m. to kick off the game. Free food and music were provided at the Trailblazer Tailgate.

Last year DSU lost its homecoming game to Colorado School of Mines, which put a bit of a damper on the homecoming vibes. But things were on the positive side for DSU in the game against Adams State University on Saturday.

Blake Barney, a red-shirt sophomore CIT major from St. George, led the team with two touchdowns in the first quarter putting DSU up 14-0.

“[Homecoming] is a game everyone looks forward to… it’s always great to get a win, especially for homecoming, making the game obviously special,” Barney said.

Next to a game full of excitement, the DSU football team has decided to bring in a tradition for homecoming making this an event special for the players and their families.

“We started one [tradition] last night that I hope to continue,” said head coach Shay McClure. “Not all but a lot of player’s families came into town and had dinner together, even those who weren’t here sent letters or called [over the phone] to talk about their son and [express] how proud they were.”

Barney also stressed that this family event was something that made this homecoming more meaningful for the players.

With a significantly larger crowd, the team carried a bigger support group. Head coach McClure said that the crowd is seen only as a benefit because “they’re here to see these boys succeed.”

The football team isn’t the only ones that idolize the homecoming game.

Cheerleaders Makayla McDonald, a junior business major from Sandy, and Brailyn Cahoon, a freshman nursing major from West Jordan,  both said the atmosphere of the game is like no other. 

“The performances are different… we usually do a third quarter break, which is just a dance and a cheer put together; we normally only do one of those,” said McDonald. “ [ The press box announcer] also announced us individually in front of everyone.”

The several traditions mixed within the homecoming game doesn’t stop there. After the game comes the Chaos homecoming dance, which is event that both football players and cheerleaders can attend along with DSU students.