Students take the dive into True Trailblazer

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As Homecoming Week came to an end and CHAOS wound down, students began to gather around the usually-dry Tanner fountain for one very wet Saturday night.

The fountain towered above surrounding buildings as students ran around trying to find someone to kiss. There were hundreds of students surrounding the fountain in hopes of becoming a True Trailblazer. 

True Trailblazer is when students gather around the Tanner Fountain at midnight on the last night of Homecoming Week to kiss in the fountain. Students are welcome to attend the event with their significant other or without anyone in particular in mind; either way they are likely to get at least one kiss.  

This tradition started out as True Rebel 20 years ago and continued on and off for a few years before becoming a yearly tradition in 2008. Students now consider it to be a staple of Homecoming Week.

Winter Young, a sophomore biology major from Nevada, was there with her friend Kaedyn Wynn, a sophomore nursing major from Tooele, to experience True Trailblazer for the first time.

“I’ve never been a True Trailblazer; it was definitely worth it,” Young said. 

Wynn said she was also happy she went and after pausing to kiss another boy, she said would definitely do it again.

Ashley Gadani, a freshman finance major from St. George, was volunteering with student government at CHAOS and ended up kissing 15 people at True Trailblazer. 

“There was one guy, and I was on the phone, and he was like ‘while you’re on the phone I’m just going to kiss you’, and he did,” Gadani said.