Home game defeat doesn’t change women’s basketball goals

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Heads hung as the Dixie State University women’s basketball team exited the locker room and made its way onto the court.

In its first home game, DSU took home a heart-breaking loss to the Colorado Mesa University, 47-61.

This was not at all what head coach JD Gustin had in mind when his team hit the court of the Burns Arena for the first time this season.

Gustin previously stated that this year’s goals included focusing on creating a more aggressive defense and using new recruits to his advantage.

Assistant coach Deb Bennett expected that aggressive defense to show up but was disappointed when the game was said and done.

“I expected that we would be able to defend better,” Bennett said. “We had a plan [going into the game] … I felt we could’ve executed that [plan] better and play harder from start to finish.”

Assistant coach Nicole Yazzie said the hardest thing in college basketball is getting your team ready to play.

“Today we failed to get our kids ready to play,” Yazzie said. “We will learn from this.”

Although a poor defensive back aided into the defeat of the Trailblazers, both Bennett and Yazzie felt that this game opened eyes for them and the team. Colorado Mesa’s quick feet and tough teammates brought a sense of learning for DSU’s women’s basketball.

Darrell Rainey, a trailblazer fan from Redding, California, had expected the team to win.

“In the end result … the score wasn’t too bad,” Rainey said. “They’re a new team … and I’m here to support Dixie in any way.”

It’s that kind of spirit that will help the Trailblazers move forward in the season. Even coach Yazzie recognized the audience’s support out in the stands by the number of people that showed up.

The essence of a support system is something to be extended as the team continues the season with their next home game in the Burns Arena against Westminster College Nov. 24.