DSU Career Center invites 10 students to Seattle

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Dixie State University’s Career Center is hosting a student-networking trip to Seattle to explore and connect with major companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Boeing and 343 Industries (the creators of Halo) over spring break.

DSU’s Career Center turned its previous Dixie Career Tour, which allowed students to meet with local companies, into a three-day trip to Seattle to meet with some of the world’s biggest companies March 12-14. Each day students will meet with different companies while sightseeing around the area, said Shane Blocker, assistant director of career services. 

Students will receive a tour of the organizations and meet with employers to see what their daily lives are like. This networking trip is geared toward showing students big companies are more approachable than they may think. 

“Sometimes, as students, we build it up in our heads that these companies aren’t realistic to work for,” Blocker said. “The point of this trip is to break down those walls and help students understand how accessible those companies really are.”

The trip to Seattle will be the first attempt at what the Career Center hopes will be a yearly tradition. The Career Center staff hopes to visit new cities as they test out these trips, Blocker said. Along with being able to network with companies, students will have dinners with DSU alumni in the areas they visit.

“A lot of times the way to get into a company is knowing someone in the company,” said Cheryl Brandt, part-time employment specialist. “[This] is especially so when they’re alumni.”

Ali Threet, director of career services, said any time students can get in front of potential employers, it is beneficial.

“Being able to see people doing what you could potentially be doing makes it more real for students,” Threet said. “They can see the possible end result.”

Students from all majors are encouraged to apply for the Seattle trip. Threet said the companies are large enough to have jobs in every field. Different majors present a more diverse market, she said.

“It will be a whirlwind of a trip,” Blocker said. “You will be exhausted, but employer visit days are fun and worth it.”

Applications for this trip are available in the Career Center on the fifth floor of the Jeffrey R. Holland Centennial Commons Building. The deadline for applications is Jan. 17, and only ten student slots are available. Interviews for the slots will be held after applications are reviewed.