DSU student leadership, organizations get new uniforms

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The start of a new school year is upon us, and some of Dixie State University’s organizations are  refreshing their wardrobes with a sporty, new style so they are more identifiable to the student body.

When walking around campus, one may notice a few students who wear uniforms, or shirts indicating they are on a sports team, or even part of a club. This is how we identify them as being in volleyball, football, soccer, or softball.

There is another group of students who wear uniforms as well, our student leaders and representatives of DSU. Their appearance is an integral part of the organization they belong to and its identity. In years past, the look of student leadership’s uniforms have changed and this year is no different.

The DSU Student Association has new navy blue polo shirts with a white stripe and a new navy blue “Dixie Life” T-shirt— a departure from the solid red or gray polos from recent years. DSUSA executive council members are also receiving a new athletic jacket.

“It was just a decision of what style we wanted and just a decision to have something that was for our year and that we liked,” said Brett Coleman, vice president of public relations.

DSUSA executive council members were able to have their choice of color, opting for something in the realm of DSU’s colors, Coleman said.

The Inclusive Student Leadership, or Multicultural Student Council, are also getting new polos, which are black with red in the armpit and back of the collar.

“The first year, we had a cotton polo, and with a lot of the work that we do with the outreach, the students wanted something that was a little bit more [breathable],” said Mike Nelson, Assistant Director of the Multicultural and Inclusion Center.

For the Ambassadors Association, visibility, identifiability and professionalism are the main function of their organizations dress said CJ Ferguson, Assistant Director of Student Recruitment and Ambassadors. Their uniform, a solid red Polo shirt and black slacks, is the only one that won’t change.

“The DSU logo on the shirt, as well as the name tag, makes [Ambassadors] approachable for prospective students to at least ask questions,” said Ferguson.

The Ambassadors uniforms may not change, but DSUSA’s uniforms change often. You may even spot some of the staff wearing swag like hats, and T-shirts from previous years. Coleman said there’s a reason why students will see that.

“We want our stuff to be something that students want to wear,” Coleman said. “We don’t want it to be stuff they have once and it’s only able to be used for the association. We want it to be something they can use for the rest of their lives, really.”