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‘Decompress and Stress Less’ event available to prepare students for finals week

There’s a weight on your shoulders. Crushing, overwhelming, somehow threatening to compress every fiber in your bones and muscles to the thickness of paper. This incredible heaviness is stress and it feels as though it will never go away. Alas, there is hope in the “Decompress and Stress Less” event. The event is hosted and […]

Jonny at the Movies: ‘Hellboy’ is all heart amid violence, one liners

“Hellboy” is a wild, no holds barred adventure that aims directly at the hearts of fans and moviegoers, while maintaining the visceral nature of the graphic novel. The film drew inspiration from Darkhorse Comics’ “Hellboy: The Wild Hunt” and adapted the storyline from the graphic novel for the big screen. It was a faithful recreation […]

DSU psychology faculty give insight, more to procrastination than meets the eye

It’s Friday and you’re supposed to be doing homework but can’t get yourself motivated to do it. You would rather be out hiking, watching a movie with your friends, or playing that new video game you just bought. The reality is you’re procrastinating, and it’s keeping you from doing important homework. According to a New […]

Community honors students, faculty, staff with annual Dixie Awards

The annual ceremony at Dixie State University, which celebrates the accomplishments of students, professors and staff who exceed expectations is again upon us. These awards are known as the Dixie Awards. This year, the Dixie Awards differ from past years with a ceremony for students and a separate one for faculty. Nominations were available on the Dixie […]

D-Week recognizes traditions both new, old

When the spring semester ends, Dixie State University celebrates with D-week, but there is more to the festivities than events like the Great Race or the D-Queen Pageant. According to a university news article from March 2018, D-Week is a century-old tradition that marks the end of spring semester. It is like homecoming week but has its own set […]

DSU students play big role in ‘The Aquabats Supershow’

Planning a birthday party is proving troublesome. There aren’t any musicians who want to play at a superhero themed party. Then you realize there is a music group that are superheroes. The Aquabats! But they can’t come to your party; they’re in some city called St. George. You wonder what on Earth they could be doing there. “The […]

‘Us:’ A delightfully twisted psychological thriller

Jordan Peele’s “Us” is a delightfully twisted, thought–provoking film that takes the psychological thriller genre and flips it on its head. Sure, delightful and twisted aren’t words that usually go together when describing a horror film, or any thriller for that matter, but Peele’s film is exactly that for a reason. Amid the harrowing plot wherein […]

DSU career services shares tips for summer jobs

Spring is a great time of year. The temperature is changing from sweater weather to shorts and t-shirts. However, with the semester ending, clothes aren’t high on your priority list. You’re thinking about whether you’ll spend the summer binge watching Netflix shows or while away the heat infused days at a summer job. Spending long summer […]