Study abroad, field trips help DSU embody active learning, active life

Photo courtesy of DSU Study Abroad Program.

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Dixie State University champions its “active learning, active life” approach to higher education, giving students opportunities as long as they are willing to take a step out of their comfort zone.

DSU students are able to gain knowledge in their desired fields of study which help them to live and learn in a hands-on environment; this unorthodox curriculum begins as soon as student step on campus during new student orientation.

Tiffany Draper, assistant director of student success, said new student orientation is divided into learning, connecting and engaging. She helps students to get connected to the school to have an active life by showing the students the clubs and school events they can be involved in and attended, Draper said.

Study abroad is one of the many resources Draper introduces to students.

Jenny Callahan, study abroad program coordinator, said that study abroad at DSU  embodies the slogan by giving students the opportunity to learn outside of the classroom and in a new environment.

“Study abroad gives you culture competency,”  Callahan said. “It prepares you for a global workplaces. It provides you with depth when you are [being] interviewing for jobs.”

There are three ways students can study abroad, she said.

Studying abroad has more requirements than a lab-trip class, Callahan said. If you are looking for adventure, but are not sure about spending a long time out of the country, DSU offers lab trips.

Biology professor Del Smith said there are two big lab trips: Catalina Islands and Zion National Park.

“Students get their hands on everything and get to touch and feel it,” Smith said.

This experience is unlike other classrooms where you sit in class and watch a projection or see a picture, Smith said.

Some trip labs have a higher lab fee, but the fee covers the lab and pays for the full trip, he said. The lab fee for Zion is $300 and Catalina is $400, he said.

Smith said students love the trips and he has not heard anything bad about the trips in the six years he has done this.

Callahan said the different ways to travel abroad have different requirements, like GPA or basic language or cost because of the time length the student will spend in a different part of the world.

Finical aid and scholarships can help pay for the trips, she said.

“Ideally, we would love to have freshmen come in and talk to us,” Callahan said. “Even if they think they don’t want to do it for a year or so. If they come in and talk with us, then we can lay out this is the amount you should be aiming for to save up or work towards some scholarships to obtain some money [for the trip].”

Callahan office is room number is 149C in the north plaza on DSU main campus. The study abroad website is https://studyabroad.dixie.edu/ and has resources to help inform students. The phone number to reach her is (435) 879-4714. Students can also contact the study abroad by emailing [email protected].  

Students can also learn more about study abroad at the fair on Nov. 13 at noon in the Garner center.