Students weigh in on relevant questions

Photo by Jessica Johnson.

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There is more than one way to perceive a question. We can see the question as good, bad, informative or not intelligent and answer accordingly, but when someone asks how bad something is, that changes the way we answer.

In a short survey conducted at Dixie State University, 30 individuals were asked to rate three questions from super bad to not bad at all. Afterward, a faculty member was asked to respond to the question. 

Each question produced varying results among students who answered them. Here are those questions and the results from the survey.

How bad is it to ghost someone you’re not interested in?

Super Bad: 2       Really Bad: 6       Pretty Bad: 10    Kinda Bad: 9       Not So Bad: 3     Not Bad At All: 1

“After the first date or so, I think it’s totally fine to ignore social media messages; they should get the hint and quit communicating. No explanation required,” said communication faculty member Jennifer Kohler.

There were students who didn’t know what “ghosting” was, perhaps affecting how they rated the question. An article in the Dixie Sun News explores the effects ghosting has on both “ghoster” and “ghostee.”

How bad is it to change your major as a senior?

Super Bad: 7       Really Bad: 5       Pretty Bad: 4      Kinda Bad: 5       Not So Bad: 5     Not Bad at All: 4

“As academic advisers we like to think of ourselves as resources and advocates for students,” said Brigham Duckett, adviser for general education.“That being said, we try really hard to reach students before they are seniors to make sure they are on the path they want to pursue.”

Duckett said although life causes circumstances to change, we need to prepare ourselves for that. Students should try to have a long-term vision of their future in the major they choose. Selecting a major which will get them out of school sooner might work for some, but there have been times advisers have seen the opposite happen, Duckett said.

“We do not advise students to change their major as seniors, but if that is what they feel is best for them in the long term, we will do whatever we can to get them in the right major and aid them throughout,” Duckett said.

How bad is it to not change the oil in your car?

Super Bad: 16     Really Bad: 2       Pretty Bad: 8      Kinda Bad: 1       Not So Bad: 2     Not Bad at All: 2

“You’re supposed to change your oil every [3,000] to 5,000 miles or every couple of months,” said David Christensen, assistant professor of mechanical engineering. “If you don’t, then the parts in your car can start to experience more friction, or start to seize up and so it’s definitely worthwhile to change the oil in your car to keep your car running in good condition.”

According to an article on How Stuff Works’ website, two things can happen if you never change the oil in your car: the first thing is dirt accumulating in the oil, eventually clogging the filter and allowing dirty oil to bypass the filter through a relief valve. The second thing is additives in the oil wearing out, causing the oil to lubricate less effectively.

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