DSU celebrates Mental Wellness Week

Photo courtesy of the DSU Health and Counseling Center.

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Raging Red, Dixie State University’s song and dance performance team, has finalized a release date for their team-made music video.

The video, along with a behind-the-scenes documentary, will be released at noon on March 21 in the Dolores Doré Eccles Fine Arts Center on the Eccles Main Stage as part of the Mental Wellness Week, said Jordon Sharp, chief marketing and communication officer. The music video will also be played on March 23 during Dixie Fest in the M. Anthony Burns Arena.

“I’m really excited [about the release of the video],” said Dylan Clark, a freshman music education major from Omaha, Nebraska, and a member of Raging Red. “I think it could impact some people greatly, in a positive manner.”

The DSU Health and Counseling Center, DSU Student Association, International Student Services, and University Marketing and Communication have teamed up to host the Mental Wellness Week March 18-23 to raise awareness for mental issues on college campuses, Sharp said.

“Mental Wellness Week [is] a perfect time to unveil the videos [because] the films were designed to bring awareness to mental health issues on college campuses,” Sharp said.

Along with the showing of the films, the week will consist of a wellness fair, QPR (question, persuade and refer) trainings, mental health professional panels, and positive outlets to socialize and reduce stress.

Amber Denning, International Student Services student life coordinator, said she and the other organizations have not yet discussed future options for the event, but she thinks it would be a great idea to continue every year.

“[Mental Wellness Week] is important for students, faculty, and staff because I believe that we all need to focus on making mental wellness a priority for ourselves and others.” Denning said.