Dixie State University provides unique experience

Photo courtesy of UMAC.

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Dixie State University offers a great individualized college experience, especially with its outdoor scenery, amazing professors and small class sizes.

“What keeps me coming back is the people,” said Kenzie Eschler, a junior exercise science major from Hurricane. “Especially the professors. They help me succeed in their classes, regardless of the personal circumstances I’ve been in. They guide me and teach me in ways I understand.”

“What keeps me coming back is the people,”

Kenzie Eschler

John Bowler, a 1985 graduate and the director of alumni relations, said he’s always loved the sense of engagement and small class sizes at DSU. This sense of engagement was furthered by his participation in organizations around campus.

“I did intramurals,” Bowler said. “I was in the Program Bureau, which was the precursor to Raging Red. I participated in student government. My professors knew my name. Every one of my professors cared about my success. I not only attended, I was part of the very fabric of the college and I felt very connected and still do.”

Dean of Students Del Beatty said students come to DSU for a variety of reasons including location, weather, newer facilities, and the friendly and welcoming people on campus. He also said DSU has a variety of traditions to keep students interested, such as Homecoming, D-Week, the Wednes-D events, the Foam Dance, club events, pageants, the Great Race, CHAOS and Casino Night.

Beatty said: “The way these events assist in helping students succeed at DSU is by providing them a social outlet, and a way to connect with their peers, meet new people and release stress. We also have vibrant intramurals, Outdoor Adventures [and other] Campus Recreation programs, and many students take advantage of those opportunities as well.”

In fact, Beatty said the Dixie Spirit and the ability to be outside socializing and engaging almost every day of the year is what sets DSU apart from other universities. He also said that while all of DSU’s programs and services are beneficial, he believes the most beneficial service in recent years has been the Health and Counseling Center.

“There is always someone to listen, help and assist you,” Beatty said. “If a student does not know where to go, or where to find the resources they need, they should contact my office for assistance at 435-652-7514, or stop by for an in-person visit in [room 202] of the Kenneth N. Gardner Student Center.”

Another way for students to find the programs and services they need is to contact their respective advisers.

“There is always someone to listen, help and assist you,”

Del Beatty

Eschler said the only thing that could be improved at DSU is more parking; however, Bowler said he’d prefer to see class sizes stay small.

“Personally, my goal is to just continue growing and providing students the resources they need at a very fair price,” Beatty said.