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OPINION | ‘Thunder Force’ good for a laugh, great brain break

Netflix’s “Thunder Force” is a fun superhero comedy that doesn’t take itself too seriously as its leading ladies work to stop supervillains known as Miscreants. “Thunder Force” stars Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer as estranged childhood friends who become a crime-fighting duo after McCarthy’s character accidentally gets injected with the superhero formula Spencer’s character was […]

Commencement to feature updated COVID-19 guidelines, new master of ceremonies

Dixie State University’s 110th commencement ceremony will involve slightly less restrictive measures against COVID-19 and a new master of ceremonies. DSU President Richard “Biff” Williams said plans for combating COVID-19 may change depending on what guidelines are in place, but for now the university is hoping for less restrictive measures at commencement. “It changes everyday, […]

OPINION | Be careful with your April Fools’ Day pranks

A good April Fools’ Day prank is always fun, but knowing when to draw the line is key. Placing Bubble Wrap on the underside of a rug, seemingly trapping a phone in an empty bottle, and using a link to “final exam answers” to pull off a rick-roll are all fun and harmless pranks. On […]

DSU’s Higher Education for Incarcerated Youth Program signed into law

Dixie State University’s Higher Education for Incarcerated Youth Program begins this summer. After passing through the House and Senate, Gov. Spencer Cox signed House Bill 279, Higher Education for Incarcerated Youth, into law March 22. The program enables DSU to provide opportunities for incarcerated youths to participate in concurrent enrollment and gain college credits that […]

OPINION | We should continue to admit when we’re struggling

One of the better things to come out of the pandemic is the increased willingness to admit when we’re struggling. When people ask how you’re doing, it’s becoming increasingly commonplace to admit that you’re struggling because of health, economic and Zoom-related issues exacerbated by the pandemic, and there’s been an increased level of understanding in […]

SET building to be xeriscaped

The Science, Engineering and Technology building will be xeriscaped with desert plants and grasses. Katie Gomm, landscape architect and manager, said Dixie State University’s landscaping standards ask architects to surround all new buildings with xeriscape planters. “I am excited to see the beautiful xeriscape landscape the landscape architecture firm G Brown Design created for the […]

OPINION | Google Docs vs. Microsoft Word depends on your needs

There’s been plenty of debate about whether to use Google Docs or Microsoft Word, but the debate should be less about which word processor to use and more about when to use each one. Here’s a rundown of why I choose one over the other for certain purposes: Formatting If you have to do anything […]

Technical writing workshops available for English majors

You need to know all the ins and outs of document editing and design in order to get the technical writing job you want after graduation, and you’re able to cover most things in class. But there are a few things you just can’t seem to grasp, and the internet tutorials you’ve looked up don’t […]

OPINION | DSU’s Higher Education for Incarcerated Youth Program huge step for community, university

The proposed Dixie State University Higher Education for Incarcerated Youth Program is a great tool for reducing recidivism among incarcerated adolescents and giving them increased opportunities for their futures. House Bill 279, if passed by the Utah State Legislature, will enable DSU to provide opportunities for incarcerated adolescents to participate in concurrent enrollment and gain […]

Student fee process updated, SFAC becomes SFAB

The Student Fee Allocation Committee has been renamed the Student Fee Advisory Board and features a more extensive process in alignment with a policy update from the Utah System of Higher Education. USHE policy R516 lays out guidelines for general student fees, and the updated policy includes a section establishing affordability as a top priority. […]