Three items people have declared a must buy

Barrett Griffiths, a freshman general education major from American Fork, tries on the mini backpacks sold at the campus store. Although they are used mostly for fashion instead of convenience they are a fun accessory. Photo by Jessica Johnson

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You’re walking into Target to buy a gallon of milk, nothing else. Then you see a cute top that you can’t resist. There’s no harm in treating myself today, you think to yourself. You proceed to find the carton of milk. Now you’re in the checkout line and you see a magazine that catches your eye. Well, I don’t have time to skim through it right now, might as well buy it. Now you’ve left Target with three items; one you needed and two you compulsively bought.

We each have our own obsessive purchase that we can’t walk past in the store without buying. PopSockets, mini backpacks and shoes are a few of these popular but expendable items.

PopSocketss are the main trend circling around right now. A PopSocket is a nifty tool that sticks on the back of any handheld electronic device as a means to hold or prop up your phone. It’s not only useful, but it’s also a fun, cute gadget to have on your phone.

Around a college campus, it is likely that you will see a majority of students with one.

“I have [about] five of them,” Dailyn Ross, a freshman nursing major from Bullhead, Arizona, said. “They’re kind of useful … but I could live without it.”

If you are one to have slick fingers with your phone, this purchase will do you wonders.

This Stony-heart PopSocket provides a simple design with a pop of color that would be easy to match with a marble design or plain pink phone case. It is available on Amazon for as low as $9.99.

If your mom is anything like mine, the perfect personalized gift for her is a Mama Bear Popsocket. It’s creative, adorable and demonstrates a piece of her personality. It is found on Amazon for $12.99.

Mini backpacks are another fun item to purchase. These are mainly used for fashionable purposes rather than necessity.

“I keep buying them and then I end up not touching them, but I keep buying them,” said Madi Davis, a freshman art major from Las Vegas. “I just find them really cute.”

Although the main reason for purchasing it wasn’t for the convenience, Davis said, mini backpacks are useful when you don’t have as many things to carry such as binders and textbooks.

This item is perfect for those who are looking to add an extra something to their outfit. A mini backpack is both fashionable and handy for carrying your basic necessities while out for the day.

If you’re a stripe lover like me, you would enjoy this mini backpack from Target for just $19.99.

However, if you’re looking for an upscale brand style, this exotic colored Herschel mini backpack is a perfect fit. It can be found at the Dixie State University Bookstore for $49.99.

Shoes are another difficult thing for people to pass up in the store. There are all kinds of styles from high heels to sneakers to classic comfortable sandals.

Crocs is a useful choice of shoe for being comfortable, universal and good for wearing anywhere.

“I live in my Crocs… I highly [recommend them] … I’ve convinced a lot of people to buy them.”

Carly Swope

“I live in my Crocs,” Carly Swope, a freshman biology major from Hagerstown, Maryland, said. “I highly [recommend them] … I’ve convinced a lot of people to buy them.”

By wearing Crocs you’re not only making a fashion statement, but you’re also feeling cozy while doing so.

If you’re looking for a more embellished design, this pair of Tie Dye Crocs is for you. You can find it at Dick’s Sporting Goods for $44.99.

This pair of fuzz-lined Crocs are perfect for a day when you wish you could wear your slippers out, but it’s not quite appropriate. It will keep your feet cozy while still looking casual. They’re sold for $44.99 at Dick’s Sporting Goods.

And if you are not one to buy random items just because it catches your eye, well then congratulations, you have a stronger will power than the rest of us.

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