Outdoor Recreation Center offers rental equipment at affordable prices, students and community

Maddie Lund a freshman business administration major from Farmington, does a headstand on her paddle board at Fire Lake Park. Items that are available for rent include tents, hammocks, sleeping bags, bikes, fishing poles, kayaks, paddle boards, harnesses, and sleds. Photo by Madison Anderson.

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Utah is known for its beautiful landmarks, national parks and recreational activities that make visiting and living in Utah an experience of its own.

One of the reasons students from all across the country travel to attend Dixie State University is for the natural land and its activities, which is why DSU provides the Campus Recreation Center.

According to the Campus Recreation Center website, “Outdoor Adventures provides the guidance and equipment for Dixie State University students, faculty, staff, and even the community to take part in outdoor adventures in the southern Utah area.”

Items that are available for rent include tents, hammocks, sleeping bags, bikes, fishing poles, kayaks, paddleboards, harnesses, sleds and more.

The Outdoor Recreation Center provides the community with lower prices to rent what is normally expensive equipment. Reduced pricing on the equipment was made possible so all students and the community can experience the activities available in Utah.

“It’s a lot cheaper to rent through the recreation center,” said Christian Hildebrandt, director of campus recreation. “It allows the students and the community to get out and explore with the needed equipment they now can use.”

The community can rent tents for only $13 per day, and the student discount is $11. This is just one example of the many discounts the Outdoor Recreation Center offers compared to other outdoor rental equipment companies such as Zion Camping Rentals, which rents tents for $60 per day.

Not only does the recreation center provide equipment, but they also provide excursions — tours of trails, camp sites and other recreational sites — guided by Outdoor Recreation Center employees.

Luke Wilkins, assistant director of campus recreation, said, “We do excursions to give students and the community access to parts of the land that they may not have been able to experience without our equipment and tours.”

Upon renting the equipment, renters agree to follow certain guidelines. These requirements include bringing back the equipment clean and undamaged, otherwise there will be a cleaning or repair fee, said David Howell, assistant director of campus recreation.

To rent equipment, plan an excursion or find out prices, visit the Outdoor Recreation website.

Excursion options and bookings will be available on the Outdoor Recreation Center website.