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Students leaving campus early amid COVID-19 outbreak

Students at Dixie State University have had to move out of student housing due to COVID-19.  This abrupt change caused living situation problems but it has also caused emotional problems. Jessica Powell, a junior education studies major from Tooele, said, “As a resident assistant I’ve been able to witness 50 girls have their lives completely […]

DSU crime rates significantly dropping as population decreases

While COVID-19 cases have risen in St. George, crime and rule violations have dropped on Dixie State University’s campus. Chief of Police Blair Barfuss said the campus population has decreased substantially, leaving roughly 230 students still living on campus, which has resulted in a decrease in crime rate; however, the chances of a crime occurring […]

OPINION: Stay home

If you’re going out, you’re being selfish. Teens and young adults everywhere are still going out for spring break and not practicing quarantine suggestions recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention due to the original belief that COVID-19 detrimentally affects older people with underlying health issues.  In Texas, 44 students have the infamous […]

Maintaining your mental health throughout a global pandemic

COVID-19. It’s everywhere: the news, the radio, social media and anywhere else you can imagine — and it struck the entire world with fear. Being isolated in the midst of a global crisis can take a huge toll on your mental health and preexisting mental conditions. Here are some tips to remain grounded, calm and […]

DSU classes may be moved online in light of COVID-19

The possibility that classes will be moved online after March 23 grows ever more realistic as universities around the state and the country make a similar call.  An official announcement regarding classes and study abroad trips should be released by Dixie State University at 9 a.m. on March 12. President Richard “Biff” Williams sent out […]

International travel banned in light of coronavirus

Study abroad programs are taking a turn for the worse. The Task Force has canceled all international travel through March 27 due to the coronavirus outbreak. The task force will meet on March 13 to reevaluate the safety of DSU’s students’ international travel locations. The task force will cancel any exchange programs if it reaches […]

Missing indigenous Women’s campaign impacts DSU students

You are ten times more likely to die from homicide if you are a Native American woman. “When we look at missing indigenous women, native women have the highest statistic for domestic violence or a violent crime against them,” said Mike Nelson, assistant director of the multicultural and inclusion center. “Women are definitely being targeted.” […]

Horatius At The Bridge spoke volumes to the audience

“Horatius At The Bridge” may have been a silent production, but it spoke volumes to the audience The play was presented as a pantomime, which is when the actors mostly use sound effects, grunts and music while acting; there is no dialogue in these types of plays. “Horatius At The Bridge” was produced by Micheal […]

DSU expanding marketing tactics across Utah

Dixie State University is working on changing it’s perception in cities around Utah; the administration is implementing new marketing strategies to fix that. Jordan Sharp, vice president of marketing and communication, said he conducted surveys about the perception of DSU to other communities around Utah in January; to his surprise, DSU wasn’t even recognized at […]