OPINION: Advice from upcoming DSU graduate

Graduation is getting close for seniors. Even though this is a stressful time, Noelle Spencer says it is best to slow down and live in the moment because your time in college will fly by faster than you think. Photo by Abby Doman.

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College graduation. I have been looking forward to this day since the first day of my freshman year. Now it is only a month away and there is a lot going through my mind. If there is any advice I could give to current college students, this is what it would be: 

Work during college

I have had a job throughout the entirety of my time at Dixie State University and although it has been difficult, it has taught me how to manage my time. I’ve also been able to develop a stronger work ethic, which is preparing me for a “real” job after graduation. Working full time throughout college has helped me be able to graduate debt-free. Students don’t have to work full time throughout their college education, but they should have a job. Also, the extra cash is a nice thing to have when struggling to feed yourself.

Go to class and do your homework

This may be the hardest thing for most college students to do (I know it has been hard for me). But I promise if you just go to class and do your homework, you will pass. All of the information you need about the topic you are studying will be explained in class. If you don’t miss class, you’ll be encouraged to do your homework so you don’t embarrass yourself by going to class without the assignment done. 

If waking up early is not your thing, think about taking classes that start later in the day so you can get the amount of sleep you need, but still have time to work a job or have a social life in the evening. I had to decide my school schedule based on my work hours, but the DSU academic advisers are available to help students balance their work and school schedules.

Take classes that interest you

Everyone is required to take those boring general education classes to graduate. I recommend taking those classes in your freshman and sophomore years and saving your electives for your junior and senior years. By doing this, it allows your junior and senior years to be easier and you can get experience doing things you want to do. Take electives you are interested in. DSU offers a variety of exciting classes that can show what you really want to do in the future. 

I was unsure of what I wanted to do as a career fall semester of my junior year. I took a writing class last minute because I did have an interest in writing. This class was a wake-up call and now I plan to be a journalist after graduation. You never know where life will take you from taking a random elective in college.

Take time to travel and take personal days

College is without a doubt a stressful time. I feel overwhelmed, stressed and full of anxiety more than I don’t. The only way I combat this is by taking time for myself and getting out of my regular routine. Whether that be going on a weekend trip to a national park, or spending an entire day locked in my room watching movies, a personal day (or days) is essential to college success. It allows your brain and body to recover and refresh from all of the stress you may be experiencing. As Donna and Tom from “Parks and Rec” would say, “Treat Yo’ Self!”

As Donna and Tom from “Parks and Rec” would say, “Treat Yo’ Self!”

Noelle Spencer, DSN Staff

Live in the moment

College flies by. Before you know it, you’ll be four weeks away from graduation, scared and unsure of what will come next. As I look back on my college experience, I do have regrets of not living in the moment more. I was always so focused on the future and what would happen after graduation.

If I can give any last pieces of advice, it would be to stop focusing so much on the future and experiencing what is happening in the now because college will be over before you know it.