OPINION: Value to be found in physical education courses

Dixie State offers many different FAST classes such as mountain biking, weight lifting, rocking climbing, yoga and much more. They all began with the same thing though waking up and tying your laces and getting healthy. Photo by Nickelle Blanton.

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Dixie State University has a great way in helping students to become more physically active.

Physical health has always been a top priority for me; however, when attending my first semester at Dixie State University in the fall of 2018, I felt lost. I ran cross country for several years before heading to college, so, when I first got to DSU and no longer was a competitive runner, it was devastating.

I struggled to try to get back into a workout routine that I was happy with, but ultimately nothing really worked as I was lacking the motivation to carry on. I no longer had a team pushing me to work out. My attitude changed when I was registering for spring courses.

Thanks to DSU’s available fitness, adventure and sport technique (FAST) courses, I couldn’t be happier with how I am starting to work out again.

While there are many FAST courses that aren’t a requirement and are only worth one credit, there are so many options to choose from to start your physical education journey. Ultimately, Physical health is just as important as taking classes designated for your major.

Ultimately, Physical health is just as important as taking classes designated for your major.

Hannah Hickman, DSN Staff

While many students may be discouraged because of the physical aspect that FAST courses bring, they will leave you feeling stronger, happier and healthier. One of the best choices you can make is to enroll in one of these courses with a friend as you are more likely to finish out the course.

Having facilities like the Human Performance Center and FAST courses to improve physical health are tremendous assets for students. FAST courses not only help to promote better physical health, but they also give you the tools and knowledge necessary to continue living a healthy life outside of college.

 Enrolling and partaking in the FAST step workout course offered by DSU has helped push and motivate me since I now have the responsibility of showing up to class and participating twice a week. Being a part of FAST courses allows you to meet and make friends – and who doesn’t love a workout buddy?

From exercising regularly, students benefit greatly. When you exercise your body you also exercise your brain allowing for opportunities like decision making growth.

According to Brad Cardinal, an Oregon State University researcher, “brain scans have shown that physical activity improves the area of the brain involved with high-level decision making.”

Through FAST courses, students can find a way to learn about health all while becoming physically active.  

Healthline suggests regular physical activity can reduce your stress levels and help to improve your life.

It’s not too late to talk to your adviser and register for FAST courses. If you have the opportunity to start being healthier seize it. You have the power to go out and start living a healthier and happier life in 2020.

Contact the office of advisement at 435-652-7690 to find out how you can register for your first FAST course now.