Dixie State University, Greater Zion partner, Trailblazer Stadium to be renamed

Trialblazer Stadium is being re-named Greater Zion Stadium as the result of a partnership between Dixie State University and Greater Zion. The partnership will enhance each other’s brands and benefit the community. Photo courtesy of the University Marketing and Communication Office.

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Dixie State University agreed to a 20-year partnership with the Greater Zion Convention and Tourism Office.

Each year, Greater Zion will invest $500,000 into strategic marketing programs. With this partnership, Trailblazer Stadium will be renamed Greater Zion Stadium.

“DSU represents one of the key components in our community’s economic structure,” President Richard ‘Biff’ Williams said. “Tourism is one of the major influences in our economic prosperity. This strategic partnership leverages assets of both organizations to enhance the effectiveness of each in a way that will benefit the entire county.”

The partnership will also help Greater Zion receive about $2 million in marketing exposure each year. For DSU, this partnership means a new visitor center at the stadium, information kiosks around campus, upgrades to athletic facilities, press boxes, and added event space to the west-side grandstands of the football stadium.

“Partnering with Greater Zion is a natural fit for Dixie State University as the tourism office’s challenge for residents and visitors to inspire greater, experience greater and live greater, which is their tag line, aligns perfectly with Dixie State’s ‘active learning. active life.’ approach to education,” Williams said.

This partnership will help DSU in the transition to Division I with the funding and building better facilities.

Williams said: “This is a Trailblazing partnership — there’s nothing like this in the county that we know of. This natural alignment will create synergy, fuel economic growth and increase efficiencies for the benefit of the entire community.”

Kevin Lewis, director of the Greater Zion Convention and Tourism Office, said the company wants to support and sustain the community.

“This unique partnership will elevate DSU’s and Greater Zion’s brands while enhancing our communities for years to come,” Williams said. “These types of relationships are what make this community what it is.”

Lewis said the partnership will help Greater Zion showcase their brand.

“The partnership helps us immensely. It allows us to finish off the stadium renovations and it also gives us a phenomenal partner. It gives us a really good partnership that the entire community will benefit from.”

Director of Athletics Jason Boothe

Director of Athletics Jason Boothe said: “The partnership helps us immensely. It allows us to finish off the stadium renovations and it also gives us a phenomenal partner. It gives us a really good partnership that the entire community will benefit from.”

Lewis said the tax dollars that Greater Zion brings in from visitors will be put back into the community as a result of this partnership.

“It’s a great fit for what we are all trying to do,” Boothe said. “It’s truly a win-win-win situation. We win, they win and the greater community wins.”

Lewis said the partnership came at a great time for both DSU and Greater Zion. Each party agreed that as both entities continue to grow, the partnership is going to continue to become more valuable.

“This partnership will assist DSU in its transition to Division I through opportunities to expand athletic facilities and attract more athletic, entertainment and community events,” Williams said. “This will give Greater Zion access to audiences the office would otherwise leave unreached while providing significant economic impact to the community.

The partnership will enhance DSU students’ educations and allow students to participate in the activities that Greater Zion provides, Lewis said.

Williams said: “Trailblazer Stadium is the last stadium to be named in Utah and is one of only two stadiums in the state visible from I-15. Since sports is a major contributor to the overall tourism market, we want to put the Greater Zion brand in the space that will bring people to Washington County year-round for a variety of events.”

There is a lot of momentum on our campus and it is exciting to be a part of all the growth, said Williams.

Williams said: “We will now begin the process of designing phase three of the stadium project. We will also begin the bonding process and hopefully can begin constructing the final phase of the stadium.”