5 Ideas for an exciting spring break in St. George

Painting at Dixie Rock, going on a picnic and hosting a photoshoot at Zion National Park are all ways to have a spring break full of fun. This year, spring break will be from March 16-20. Graphic by Abby Doman.

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Are you spending your spring break in sunny St. George, clueless on what to do? 

Don’t worry — I’ve got you covered!

Dixie State University students, staff and community members can begin preparing for their local spring break vacations by adding these five, fun ideas to their itinerary.

Painting at Dixie Rock

Imagine this; it’s a warm, cloudless afternoon and the sun shines brightly overhead, making it the ideal day for relaxation. 

You take a short hike up Dixie Sugarloaf, more commonly known as Dixie Rock, and lay down a blanket on the flat top. Don’t forget to pack canvases, paint, paintbrushes, water and snacks. Then, spend your afternoon unwinding and getting creative by making art with friends. 

“It really just takes all the worries away,” said Sydney Johnson, a junior business administration major from Spokane, Washington. “I do this all the time on the weekends just to clear my mind and get away from the stress of school, homework and my job.”

Johnson said that those who want to do this activity do not have to worry about creating the perfect painting, the activity is more to enjoy nature and being social with others.

“This is a great way for people to get out, enjoy the outdoors, relax and let their inner creativity out,” Johnson said. “I like to paint whatever comes to mind first. I just like to let my emotions out onto the canvas while enjoying the good air and good company.”

To heighten the experience, make sure to invite friends, pack a speaker to play some jams and stay to watch the cotton-candy sunset, Johnson said. 

Dixie Rock is located at 375 Red Hills Parkway.

Scavenger Hunt around Downtown St. George

What better way is there to get to know St. George other than a competitive scavenger hunt around the city? 

“St. George is full of tons of historic buildings that each have a story to tell,” said Lasamoa Liaga, a DSU alumna from Las Vegas, Nevada. “I didn’t know much about St. George and all the city had to offer until we did the scavenger hunt at a church activity.”

Liaga said, everyone began at the same starting location and had to be back at that same spot in an hour. Groups of three to four were formed. From there, each was given a list of objects they had to take a picture of around town. The group that completed as many tasks as possible within the time limit became the winner. 

“The list was pretty big and ranged from stuff like, ‘Take a picture outside of the Tabernacle’ to ‘Take a picture with Pioneer clothing on,’” Liaga said. “Not only did it get us out of our comfort zones, but we got to make new friends and explore St. George in a new way.”

To create a list, make sure to do research of all the buildings, statues, restaurants, museums and stores around Downtown St. George. Make the list based on tasks that are easy to find and some that might be a little more challenging, Liaga said.

To get from place to place around the downtown area, rent Spin scooters to travel swiftly on, Liaga said. 

The scooters are found all around St. George and are available from 5 a.m. – 9 p.m. To begin riding one, download the Spin app, enter your credit card information and start zooming around.

Cliff Jumping at Sand Hollow State Park

If you are looking for an activity that will get your blood pumping and heart racing, this one is for you. 

“Cliff jumping at Sand Hollow is a must for people who want a little bit of a thrill,” said Hannah Waddell, a junior elementary education major from Pleasant Grove. “It’s my favorite thing to do because there is nothing more exciting than jumping from the super tall cliffs into cold, refreshing water.”

The popular cliff jumping spot can be found toward the west end of the reservoir, near the Westside Campground. 

The red, sandstone cliffs tower over the cool, blue body of water as people of all ages jump off the edge, some doing tricks like backflips, Johnson said.

“I think going with a big group is best, especially for safety,” Waddell said. “This is definitely an activity that you do not want to do alone, plus going with a group of friends is so much more fun because you get to swim, jump and layout in the sun together.” 

Waddell said she enjoys going during the spring because the water level rises a lot due to constant rain during the season. It makes the jumpers less nervous because the jump doesn’t seem as long as normal.

“The atmosphere at Sand Hollow is always a positive one,” Johnson said. “Everyone who goes there is always very polite and careful around the cliffs.”

There is a $10 per-vehicle fee when entering the state park in Hurricane.

Photoshoot at Zion National Park

Now, this one is no surprise. Anyone could have guessed that a visit to Zion National Park would have made the list, but instead of just hiking, why not try a new activity?

Begin the day by getting dressed not only for a hike but for a photoshoot. 

Some of the most amazing photos taken in Southern Utah were taken at the top of Angels Landing at Zion National Park, Waddell said.

“I love taking pictures of the deep canyons and different colored rocks,” Waddell said. “I think stopping and making my friends take several photos while on a hike is more fun, though. I get to capture different kinds of backgrounds behind them and they have fun doing different poses; it’s a mini-photoshoot.”

Waddell said the best trails for photos include the Observation Point Trail and the Narrows.

“If you want to have a little photoshoot while hiking Angels Landing, I would wait until you’ve finished the hike,” Waddell said. “It’s a super popular hike, but it can be very dangerous if you are not focusing while you climb, so definitely wait until you are at the very top to get some cool photos.”

There is a $35 entrance fee per vehicle to get into the park.

Picnic on the Old Water Tank

This last idea is one that is perfect for a slow, chill afternoon. 

“Picnics on the water tower are not only a super easy and relaxing activity, but it’s a cute date idea as well,” Johnson said. “I like to go there when I want a quick, easy viewpoint.”

Johnson said pack your favorite homemade food, snacks, drinks and a blanket. 

“I usually just make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with some other little snacks I like,” Johnson said. “There’s no need to go over the top with this idea, but personalize it to bring the kind of food you like.”

The St. George Old Water Tank sits on the south side of Red Hills Parkway. 

“A picnic with your roommates, friends, family or boyfriend or girlfriend is the best way to end a spring break,” Waddell said. “It’s definitely something a little more private, low-key and quiet to enjoy with special people.”