OPINION: Movies are the best entertainment while being self-isolated

Jordan Palmer, a freshman digital film major from Calgary, Canada is watching the newly released 1917. By practicing social distancing, he has freed up time to enjoy watching movies. With all of the streaming sources available, there’s never a shortage of films. Photo by Nickelle Blanton.

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The best way to distract yourself from what’s going on in the world is, hands down, watching movies.

What movies bring to the table that other entertainment sources don’t is visualization, engagement and an escape. When I think of other entertainment sources, I think of a lot of stuff on screens. Many would argue video games and whatever else they’re doing on screen would also accomplish these goals.

I can get a bowl of popcorn ready, turn on my Xbox, get comfortable in my bed, go to Netflix, Hulu or Disney+ and watch movies all day.

What I enjoy most from watching movies all day is the visualization. I can visually see and feel the emotions, and it makes my isolation experience better.

An example of a movie that visually captures seeing and feeling the emotions is the movie “The Dark Knight.” One of my favorite scenes from “The Dark Knight” is when Heath Ledger’s character, Joker, delivers the line “Why so serious?” The way Ledger conveys that scene is outstanding. I felt as if I was in the same room as him and my heart was pounding from the intensity of the scene. You can’t envision that scene through a book and it’s obviously better portrayed visually.

To have a fun movie experience, don’t do it alone, make it a group activity. After you’re finished watching a movie with your family or friends, sharing your thoughts on the film can be a fun interaction. Explaining to others your reaction, opinion, love or dislike of the movie can make for an interesting conversation and adds to the fun movie experience.

I remember going to see “Avengers: Endgame” opening night with my friends last year. After three hours of sitting through the best movie of 2019, me and my friends went to go to Denny’s to grab a bite and talk about how we all shared the same movie experience. Although we were all injected with energy, we decided to whisper at the table and talk about the movie to avoid any spoilers for people who hadn’t seen it. Trying to stay quiet and not shout any spoilers made that night with my friends more memorable.

I have more fun engaging in a movie with family or friends than I do with other entertainment sources. When my family or friends are ready to watch another movie together, I’m all stocked up with movie snacks and ready to have a good time.

Nicholas Seibold, a junior digital film major from Las Vegas, said when he’s with his family and friends, they love to share their impressions and describe multiple aspects of the film they watched together.

“I personally find it engaging because it gives me a chance to share and experience different opinions on whatever film we just watched,” Seibold said. “It allows for me to use my three years of college film classes while also being able to talk to my friends and family about a movie that we collectively experienced.”

Right before the movie begins in a theater, there’s an advisement to silence your phones and put them away. I follow the advisement when I’m home not only to pay attention to the movie, but also to escape from media platforms.

I’m sick and tired of every minute being an update on COVID-19. It can be overwhelming. I would like to put down my phone and use movies as my escape from the reality I live in now.

Movies are a great escape because it helps keep your focus on one subject for a few hours. If you’re playing video games as your entertainment, for example, while you’re waiting for the next game to start the first instinct to is look at your phone and go through media platforms to see what you missed.

Even if you need a distraction from school work, taking a break to watch a movie will help clear your head. If you need a boost to better your studies, I suggest the list of movies In the Loop provides. All the films shown in that list can motivate you to get assignments done and have great conversations with friends.