DSU continues annual traditions virtually

The restrictions due to COVID-19 does not stop Dixie State University from continuing its celebrations. D-Week and the Regional Research Symposium are two events that are being celebrated virtually for students to participate in. Graphic by Kelsey Jackson.

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Dixie State University continues its annual traditions through virtual formats to keep students engaged while off campus.

Along with the annual Dixie Awards, D-Week and the Regional Research Symposium will both be held online and are open for all DSU students to participate in.


Brooke Sullivan, alumni events and marketing coordinator, said the D-Week committee, which involves a variety of groups on campus, are still planning to keep the D-Week traditions alive through virtual quests to maintain the health and safety of the students, alumni and community members.

Students can complete the D-Week events from April 6-11 through the Traditions app. The app allows students to upload and track each tradition they have accomplished. It also includes a calendar with each activity that is happening during the week.

One way students can participate in this upcoming week is by posting their favorite picture at DSU and sharing it on the Traditions app.

While some events won’t be the same online, the D-Week committee is still dedicated to honoring the past D-Queens by posting a series of various posts and videos on its social media pages honoring them.

Sullivan said the transition to an online celebration has been hard trying to get all the new alternative events set up.

“Although many of our traditions involve events and gathering together in a social environment, the Dixie Spirit allows for us to celebrate in many different ways,” Sullivan said. “Our D-Week committee was committed to find a way to keep our traditions alive even with the current restrictions in place to keep us healthy and safe.”

Zane Jensen, a freshman computer programming major from American Fork, said even though students can’t physically be at the D-Week events, it’s still a way students who are currently back in their hometowns can also participate.

“With everything going on with COVID-19, I think it’s a great idea to keep students engaged while practicing social distancing,” Jensen said.

For more information on D-Week, visit the university’s website, the Traditions app, or keep up with the D-Week celebration through the university’s Instagram accounts: @DixieState @thedixielife @DixieStateAlumni.

Dixie Regional Research Symposium

Another event that has been moved online is the Dixie Regional Research Symposium, a forum to present cutting-edge research, innovation and creative projects.

Olga Pilkington, assistant director of undergraduate research, said the symposium will be held on April 17 using Canvas since it’s a familiar format to DSU students and faculty. 

The symposium will only be available to those who currently have a Dixie ID.

Pilkington said the format for the symposium will include three different types of presentations: live video talks, recorded video and digital posters.

Pilkington said 20 abstracts were submitted and she is anticipating a good turn out. 

“It is the goal of the undergraduate research team to provide a comfortable environment for the exchange of ideas to all who participate,” Pilkington said. “We are also looking to preserve the traditional conference structure as much as possible.”

The presentations will be organized into subject-specific categories and each session will be assigned its own time, Pilkington said. There will be online discussions connected to each session where the presenters and attendees will be able to engage in a Q&A after the presentations are done.

Students who wish to join the conference can do so through Canvas and also leave feedback on the virtual guest book that will be provided to all attendees.