Battling boredom at home

Card games and puzzles are a couple of ways to stay occupied during quarantine. Photo by Nickelle Blanton.

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Laying in bed while scrolling through your Instagram feed and binge-watching your favorite show on Netflix sounded like a dream a few months ago. 

Now that it’s reality, are you bored?

Dixie State University students can battle boredom by trying out these activities as they quarantine at home.

Organize your room

Your room is your space. If you are going to be spending most of your time confined in the walls of your home, you should create a space that is ideal and fit just for you. 

“I’ve been working on making new decorations for my room,” said Megan Treanor, a junior communication studies major from Salem. “Along with that, I’ve been organizing it, which is very relaxing –– getting rid of clothes and rearranging it –– so it feels new and like a good change.”

Miranda Ekblad, a sophomore business administration major from Fairfield, California, said taking this time to be productive and clean your room can help keep you busy and even feel rewarding at the end. 

“I’ve loved being able to pay some attention to tidying up my room and redecorating it,” Ekblad said. “Staying home for days can be a drag, but setting up a cool space for myself has made it a little more bearable.”

Bake new treats

Why not use your free time to develop a new talent? Try baking; you get to eat yummy treats and your house smells like decadent dessert for the rest of the day, Ekblad said.

Ekblad said one of her new favorite things to do is bake with her mom and younger brother.

“One day, I was bored and scrolling through Pinterest when I saw an easy recipe for these brownies that looked so good,” Ekblad said. “I never bake, but since we’re in quarantine, I didn’t mind trying something new. We baked them together; they were delicious.”

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Faitoto’a Faleao, a senior sports and recreation management major from Lehi, said she has recently started to bake with her siblings and cousins as well. Not only is it a way to pass time, but she gets to make new treats for the family while taking up a new hobby. 

Treanor said food has been a big part of avoiding boredom in her home. She and her siblings have been baking, cooking, trying new recipes and eating 24/7.

“Use this time in quarantine to get out of your comfort zone and try something new,” Faleao said.

Paint and draw 

Unleash your inner Bob Ross and let your artistry flow onto an empty canvas to kill time.

“Painting and drawing is so relaxing and super fun,” Treanor said. “It allows you to be creative and put your focus into one certain thing and make it your own.”

You do not have to be naturally artistic to enjoy the excitement that comes from painting and drawing, Ekblad said.

“Honestly, I wasn’t really a big fan of arts and crafts, but I’ve really been enjoying it while being at home,” Ekblad said. “I’ve always been more of an analytical person, but I’ve let my creative side come out by just playing with paint and seeing what the outcome is.”

Treanor said she recommends getting outside and painting in your yard or any remote location that is open. Being outside can also give you inspiration what to paint or draw.

Take a walk around the block

Don’t stay stuck in the house all day; get outside and stretch your legs.

“I’ve recently seen a new trend on TikTok where people are creating little obstacle courses out of chalk on the sidewalk for those taking a walk around the block,” Ekblad said. “It’s called the Sidewalk Chalk Game and it started as a way to spice up your evening quarantine stroll.”

Ekblad said she and her brother have yet to find any Sidewalk Chalk Games in their neighborhood, but are thinking of creating one themselves. 

“My whole family goes outside to take walks together,” Treanor said. “We ride our skateboards or bikes, draw with chalk, hammock or just enjoy sitting in the sun.”

Enjoy time with your family

Treanor said spending time with the people you love distracts you from the scary stuff happening in our world right now. 

“Any time my family and I are together, it’s a party and constant laughing no matter what we’re doing,” Treanor said.

Faleao said her favorite thing to do with her family is play cards at night when everyone is home from work and free to laugh and talk about their lives.

“Something I also really like to do is watch my niece and nephews,” Faleao said. “They are so energetic and always wanting to play or something. They are also so sweet, so funny and are learning new things that can keep me entertained.”

With all of the chaos in the world, the quarantine has helped many get back to their roots and spend time with the people that matter the most, Ekblad said.

“This is a crazy time and you never really know what can happen, so make sure you spend your time wisely with those you care about,” Faleao said.