Editorial: DSN striving for new goals, renewing commitment to DSU community

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The Dixie Sun News will continue being the voice of the university despite the loss of our printed edition.

After receiving results from a survey sent to students, faculty and staff, we analyzed the 150 responses to find where and how we can better represent the voices of Dixie State University students.


We, as a staff, have new goals we want to achieve and things we will continue to do.

Instead of using our time and effort focusing on the print newspaper, that time will now be refocused on web content, which means adding more multimedia engagement — audio and video — on our website and social media.

When COVID-19 came about in the spring, we had to stop printing the newspaper. During that time we sent everyone a weekly newsletter, and this is something we want to start doing again. The newsletter provides highlights of the week’s latest content through a few simple clicks on your phone.

As the voice of the university, we are committed to increasing awareness about what is going on around us. We want to continue publishing breaking news and big announcements while also localizing worldwide issues so readers know what’s going on around the world and how it applies to them.

When DSU Athletics was suspended for the fall, we covered the important work student-athletes continued to put into their sports and the community. As the next semester approaches, we will continue to cover sporting events and any other relevant sports topics for the foreseeable future.

We want to accomplish our new goals and continue to succeed, but we need your help. Your feedback is important to us, so we know what content you need and want to see.

If you have topics you would like us to cover or have a story you would like to see published, contact us on our website, social media or email us at [email protected]. You are welcome to send letters to the editor with any feedback, whether it’s something you liked or disliked.

We may not be printing anymore, but we are looking forward to a new year and a new semester of serving as the #VoiceOfDixie.