Celebrating traditions: Homecoming Week

The homecoming parade and the Miss Dixie State competition both take place during Homecoming Week. Homecoming Week isn’t only about the football game, students can enjoy activities throughout the entire week. Photo courtesy of UMAC.

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It is time to celebrate you as a Dixie State University student and those who blazed the trails before you.

“Homecoming to me is about bringing the past and the present to celebrate what we are today and where we have been, it is building on the shoulders of the great men and women who came before us,” Alumni Relations Director John Bowler said.

Here is everything you need to know and expect during DSU’s 2021 homecoming week.

What is Homecoming Week?

Homecoming Week is more than the celebratory football game at the end of the week. It is a week full of memorable times to boost your college experience. It is a time to connect with your fellow students but also all of those who came before you. The alumni and community of DSU come together to celebrate and see how far the university has come, to see the trails they have blazed for the current students.

“Bringing that group of present students and all the alumni and community members who have invested all their time, interests and educational pursuits here and thats where we celebrate that homecoming experience together,” Bowler said.

The importance of this week is to celebrate everyone involved with the university. Alumni, students, faculty, and the community come together with their families to enjoy a lifelong, meaningful tradition.

“We can all get together as a true mixture of ages and cultures and viewpoints and have a good time together,” Bowler said.

Everyone associated with DSU in one way or another is urged to come and participate in the institutions long-lived tradition of Homecoming Week.

What can you expect?

You can kick off the celebration early with purchasing a Homecoming Week spirit pack. This is a perfect way to get in the spirit for the week.

Bowler said: “The fun part about homecoming is that the traditions change a little bit, but they can expect kind of the same things they experienced when they were here. As an employee, it is fun to help perpetuate these fun cool traditions and it’s fun to see how to migrate them into something else or into another phase.”

Here is a list of events you can see during Homecoming Week:

  • Carnival and car show
  • Miss Dixie State University Competition
  • Drive-in movie
  • New Science, Engineering and Technology building dedication
  • Parade
  • Concert and fireworks
  • Football game

Why should everyone participate in homecoming week?

“At the end of the day if you are sitting in your dorm or apartment doing homework all the time, you are not becoming a part of the fabric of the university,” Bowler said. “It is not just the education, it’s the adventures, it’s the failures, it’s the success, it’s the social interactions you have, it’s the understanding someone else’s point of view.”

This is a time to gather as a community at DSU and celebrate how far we have come. There are traditions that have been in place for years and new events to experience together.

“If you are not coming to these events that are put on to join us all together, you miss a part of what you should want to have,” Bowler said.

DSU’s homecoming week will take place Oct. 18-23.