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The results are in for this year’s best school dance

Here are your options: Foam Dance, Chaos, Retro Prom and Inferno, so which is your pick for best dance of the year at Dixie State University? We did a poll on the @sunnews_daily Instagram to ask students what their favorite school dance was this year. Shoutout to DSU Student Association for putting on each of […]

DSU dance department brings communities together through performance

Art is expressed in anyway that feels right to you, and the dance department at Dixie State University embodies this everyday. DSU dance majors spend each day of the week expressing themselves in class through movement and connection. The connection they experience while dancing goes beyond the movement with the music. The students involved in […]

New mental health center benefits St. George community, DSU students

As the population in St. George increases, so are the mental health resources. Utah leaders broke ground for a mental health and drug crisis emergency receiving center in Washington County. This new resource will not only benefit the community of St. George, but also all of the students at Dixie State University. DSU’s Booth Wellness […]

This is your last chance to celebrate D-Week at DSU

The D-Week title may be going away due to the university name change, but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate this year and years to come. The week of April 4-9 marks the 109th D-Week at Dixie State University. You can expect to see all of the long-standing traditions this year at D-Week; whitewashing the […]

DSU replaces former confederate soldier statue after 10 years

A new bison statue has taken the place of a formally removed Confederate soldier statue on Dixie State University’s campus. The negative effects the Confederate soldier statue had on the university and those affiliated with the university is why that statue was removed one decade ago. It took this long to find an adequate replacement […]

St. George spring break ideas besides hiking

Are you sick of hiking yet? There’s much more you can do this spring break besides hiking. Here are ideas to take with you as spring break is right around the corner. Road trips Spring break is a whole week, so you could drive all the way to Florida and back in this time. You […]

OPINION | A plant-based diet definitely the right choice for you

Yes, I am one of those people, those vegan people. When I first decided to change my eating style to plant-based, I wasn’t incredibly passionate about it and I did not understand the eating style. I am now obsessed with a plant-based lifestyle and here’s why you should be too. Animal lives matter Trust me, […]

OPINION | Utah and its trash air quality

I know what you’re thinking, you’ve already heard it a million times. Utah’s air quality is atrocious. I am not here to reinstate why and how our air is at this point, but I am here to give my two cents as my lungs and skin continue to take a beating from the air quality. […]

Bombay Cafe | Now open in the heart of downtown St. George

Sponsored Content Your favorite Indian cuisine cafe is back after a two year closure due to COVID-19. Savory, sweet and colorful dishes is what sets this restaurant apart from everywhere else. Established in 2009, the founder of Indian cuisine in St. George created Bombay Cafe. Shazad Sheikh, his family from Pakistan, and Robert Lorentzen run […]