Three best, worst rated DSU student housing options

Dixie State University has several options for on and off-campus housing. Doing your research before signing a lease is a good idea. Photos courtesy of UMAC.

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No matter how many student housing horror stories you hear, there are still highly rated places you can live in during the school year.

Dixie State University has over 20 student housing options between on and off-campus housing. It is no secret some housing options are better than others, and the Google reviews of each complex showcase their individual strengths and flaws.

3 Best Student Housing Options

Best-rated apartment: Dixie Red Sands South

Located 0.6 miles from campus at 1042 E. 600 S., Dixie Red Sands apartments have a google review score of 4.9/5 with a total of 10 reviews.

The Google reviews state their love for the large private rooms, plenty of storage, and a great distance from campus.

The Dixie Red Sands South apartments are $2,500 per semester.

According to the Dixie Red Sands South website, each apartment has six private rooms, three bathrooms, an in-unit washer and dryer, and are fully furnished.

Second best-rated apartment: Dixie South

Located at 638 S. 800 E., Dixie South apartments have a review score of 4.8/5 with a total of 72 reviews.

The majority of Google reviews said they think the price is reasonable and felt management was responsive.

Dixie South apartments are a two-minute walk from campus and have the option of private or shared rooms.

The shared rooms are $3,185 per semester if you agree to a one-time payment or $375 monthly for nine months.

The private rooms are $6,370 per semester for a one-time payment or a total of $6,570 for a two-time payment.

Third best-rated apartment: The Stay

Located at 175. S 1000 E., The Stay apartments have a review score of 4.6/5 with a total of 156 reviews.

The Google reviews said they love the management and it feels like home with nice amenities.

The Stay has an option of a shared room or private room anywhere from $1,750 – $2,750 for a semester.

3 Worst Student Housing Options

Third worst-rated apartment: Red Mountain

Located at 333 S. 1000 E., Red Mountain apartments have a review score of 2.1/5 with a total of 61 reviews. Thirty-eight of the 56 written reviews had a score of 2/5 or less.

Most of the Google reviews have complaints toward the management and how the apartments were not ready by move-in day.

The upside is Red Mountain apartments are located 0.3 miles from campus making it easy for students to walk to class.

Residents have shared rooms for around $359 per month or around $1,615 for the semester.

Second worst-rated apartment: Abby Apartments

Located at 495 S. 900 E., Abby Apartments on-campus housing have a review score of 1.8/5 with a total of eight reviews.

The Google reviewers state their frustration with the apartments not being ready for move-in day and management never addressing the residents’ complaints.

At the Abby Apartments, students have the option of a shared room or a private room.

According to DSU’s website, shared rooms are $1,450 and private rooms are $1,800 per semester.

Worst Rated Apartment: Campus View Suites I

Located on the northeast side of campus, Campus View Suites I has a review score of 1.5/5 with a total of four reviews.

The Google reviews complain of spotty Wi-Fi, early construction noise from campus and unresponsive staff.

“DSU has clearly spent a lot of time to make this building look appealing, but a closer inspection shows that there’s not much else but looks,” A Google review written two years ago by Mac Kinlay said, “During the school year the staff do try to be helpful and pleasant, but as soon as the year ends their attention turns to getting everyone out as soon as possible.”

At the Campus View Suites 1 have the option of shared rooms or private rooms. Shared rooms are $1,749 a semester and the private rooms are $2,499 a semester.