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Seasonal Mental Health

Seasonal mental health can still affect students in sunny St. George as the season begins to change. The United States has more than 3 million cases of seasonal affective disorder (SAD), a mood disorder characterized by depression during the same time yearly. SAD symptoms can range but often include: Fatigue, social withdrawal, depression and hopelessness. […]

Students protest, petition to change Holland building name

Dixie State University’s LGBTQ+ club protested to have Jeffrey R. Holland’s name removed from the Centennial Commons building Oct. 25. In August, Jeffrey R. Holland, a Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints leader and a DSU alumnus, gave a speech at Brigham Young University where he referenced a 2017 talk given by another church […]

OPINION | College students should live together before marriage

There is no better way to truly get to know someone then by living with them. College students have been told living with someone is extremely different than just being friends with them. College is a great time to learn more about yourself, and living with roommates can help you to learn personality traits you […]

Three best, worst rated DSU student housing options

No matter how many student housing horror stories you hear, there are still highly rated places you can live in during the school year. Dixie State University has over 20 student housing options between on and off-campus housing. It is no secret some housing options are better than others, and the Google reviews of each […]

How to game day prep

Football season is the time for Trailblazers to get excited to watch their team blaze new trails on the field. In October, Dixie State University’s football team has two home games and two away games. For information on upcoming games and events, students can refer to DSU’s social media pages. On the social media accounts, […]

Say goodbye to Jerry the sea cucumber, friends

The closure and remodel of the old science building at Dixie State University forced the fish tank to be unexpectedly removed. With the opening of the new Science Engineering and Technology (SET) building at DSU, the old science building is being repurposed as the new home for the College of Education. In the old science […]

OPINION | Dixie State University not ‘party school’ of Utah

College students are more anxious than ever to party, but Dixie State University is not the “party school” it has the stereotype of being. Whether or not students choose to participate in activities that involve drugs and alcohol is a personal choice but must be done off-campus due to DSU’s dry campus policy. For college […]

The Atwood Innovation Plaza showcases new patents

The Atwood Innovation Plaza helps Dixie State University students, faculty and community members have access to the resources needed to patent their products. On bad days all you need is a reminder that everything will be OK. Amber Murray, a St George resident, came to this realization after personally struggling with mental health. “After personally […]