DSU’s Career Center holds its annual nursing fair

Nurses have played an important role in our lives especially during the pandemic. Elissa Aguayo | Sun News.

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Dixie State University’s nursing fair provides students the opportunity to meet with future medical field employers.

The event is Feb. 18 from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. in the Taylor Health Science Building.

The event is hosted by the Career Center and gives students the chance to explore career options. At the fair there will be local employers and employers from various states.

The idea behind the event is to help guide students toward what they want to do after graduation.

Emily Pate, DSU alumni, attended the event her senior year of college. Pate is now employed by a company she met at the nursing fair.

“The fair had many different specialties to explore from and it’s a great opportunity for beginner nurses to find a transition into their careers,” Pate said. “I also know a few other nurses who also met their employer through the nursing fair.”

Skyler Coombs, career coach, said the nursing fair gives students a good idea of types of industries, companies and people hiring. This also gives students an idea of what companies are looking for application wise.

Coombs said when students meet with the employers they are able to see not only who the company is, but also how many clinic hours they need for a specific job, what type of patients they would be overseeing, and what type of experience they need. Coombs said the fair is also a great way to make connections with people in the same field.

The nursing fair is not only beneficial to nursing students, and you do not have to be a nursing major to attend.

Judy Scott, associate professor of nursing, encourages both pre-nursing and nursing students to attend the event.

“Sometimes our programs keep our students so busy that they don’t have the opportunity to go out and search around,” Scott said. “That’s why the event brings the employers to the students… this helps them decide where they want to focus their energy on after graduation.”

If students are interested in applying for the nursing program they are able to set up a meeting with Coombs. He can help students with resumes and the interview submission video that is required for the nursing program application.

If students are already in the nursing program, Coombs is able to help students with their resumes, cover letters and finding an internship or job. If students do not have a job lined up before graduation Coombs can help students clean up and update their resumes to ensure they are ready to be sent to future employers.

Students are encouraged to register for the event through handshake to ensure the check-in process goes quickly.

Employers attending the event: