Lolita Develay showcases her art for Black History Month

Lolita Develay has brought Black History Month to the North Plaza as her art is displayed for all to see. Frankie Medina|Sun News Daily

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In honor of Black History Month, artist Lolita Develay showcased her portfolio at the North Plaza on Dixie State University’s campus.

Featuring ten of Develay’s pieces, the artist’s message is “exploring social issues” that have had an impact on her as an American. Her art displays unforeseen pictures that are different but impactful.

The painting “Q-Celleration” shows a woman sharing body positivity and confidence. It shows a mirror selfie where the woman looks happy to show her colorful outfit. This picture portrays how confident the woman is in her own skin and how proud she is to be a Black woman.

Develay’s art presents women of color in different lights. There are four paintings that feature women of different backgrounds, which allows women of different backgrounds to feel composed when viewing these works of art.

Adam Stallings, a junior English major from Covina, California, said, “The artist’s work was a great representation of what I don’t normally see in modern art.”

In her exhibit Develay seeks to share the meaning of Black History Month with her latest contemporary artworks.

Develay depicts variety in her art from different women and settings. The art allows the viewer to feel entity and expose them to expression of an artist’s mind. It has caught the eyes of different groups of people, both older and younger along with people of color.

Erykah Bishop, a prospective student who caught a glimpse of Develay’s portfolio while visiting DSU campus, said, “As a woman of color, it’s fulfilling to see artwork on-campus that I can relate to.”

Develay provides background about her inspiration by providing a statement of her work.

The portfolio states: “My artwork is a response to my life environment and reflects its transitions. It speaks to my ancestors and to future generations of what, I, living in this moment in time-my lifetime, am able to experience in my everyday life.”