St. George spring break ideas besides hiking

In preparation for the upcoming spring break, Hyatt Iverson, a freshman general studies major from St. George is loading his trunk with the items he needs to go to Texas for the approaching holidays. Misha Mosiichuk | Sun News Daily

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Are you sick of hiking yet? There’s much more you can do this spring break besides hiking.

Here are ideas to take with you as spring break is right around the corner.

Road trips

Spring break is a whole week, so you could drive all the way to Florida and back in this time. You probably don’t want to drive all the way to Florida, but California, Arizona, Nevada and northern Utah are a close distance to stay the night and take a day trip. There are plenty of fun, unique Airbnb homes you and your friend group can stay in. You can find anything from tiny homes to cabins to beachfront houses.

You may think going on a road trip could be costly, but if you go with a group of friends you can split the cost of gas and snacks. This is a good way to have quality time with friends because you’re not overwhelmed by the stressors of school.

Short distance road trip ideas:

  • Newport Beach, California – six hour drive from St. George
  • Las Vegas – two hour drive from St. George
  • Phoenix, Arizona – seven hour drive from St. George
  • Provo – 3.5 hour drive from St. George
  • Moab – five hour drive from St. George

Food tour in St. George

Going on a food tour around the city is a great way to spend the day. There is no better way to get to know the city than trying all of the best food places. It may seem like there is only chain restaurants in St. George, but there are several hidden gem restaurants around St. George.

Keep in mind, a food tour involves trying out different food options and places so don’t get too full at one stop. A fun option could be going with friends to help share the food and cost so you can try more.

Most important meal of the day, breakfast:

Lunch time:

Mid day pick-me-up:

End the evening with dinner:

Last, but not least, a sweet treat:

A bake off cooking competition at home

What’s better than a baking competition in the comfort of your own home? Gather a group of friends, create teams and host your own baking show. You can decide on a theme whether it’s St. Patrick’s Day, spring season, Easter, the list is endless. Make sure you have the necessary baking supplies and ingredients.

If you’re not in the mood for sweets, a cooking competition is just as fun. You can take inspiration from the TV show “Chopped.” Hand out a couple different food items to each team and let the creativity for best dish begin.

Do service around town

While you have a whole week of no school, better yourself and your resume by volunteering for the community. Serving is one of the best ways to build relationships in the community, improve your mood, feel accomplished and help others in need.

Here are service opportunities in St. George:

  • Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah is a program focusing on mentoring youth for them to reach their full potential. You can donate time, clothes or money to the organization.
  • DOVE Center is a non-profit organization empowering individuals who have been through domestic abuse and sexual violence. They are accepting volunteers, and have a list of volunteer opportunities on the website.
  • Switchpoint is a resource center for families and individuals experiencing poverty. Switchpoint provides these people with resources and skills to better their circumstance.
  • Utah Food Bank is an organization to help fight hunger across Utah. There are many ways to volunteer, including donating food, time and money.


Every college student could use more sleep as the life of a college student is a never-ending work load which means no sleep. The average college student gets six hours of sleep each night, when college students should be getting seven to nine hours each night.

Take advantage of the week off, catch up on sleep to power through the rest of the semester. Finals week is only six weeks after spring break.

This is your one week off of school for the rest of the semester, take advantage of it.