Essentials every road trip needs

Maurena Mavridis, a sophomore biology major from Las Vegas, gets comfy and prepared for her vacation. Sweets, caffeine, and a good playlist are all essential when going on a road trip. Trey Urban | Sun News Daily

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Your car is packed, you have your playlist loaded, a drink in hand, and nothing more than a destination ahead. 

Over the last several years, road trips and van life have slowly taken over social media. This has inspired thousands to pack their bags and hit the road after finals. Before you and your friends create memories this summer, you’re going to need the essentials. 

Comfy clothes

The best road trips start with comfy clothes. No matter what you do, a proper road trip cannot be done without comfort. You might be the passenger with the aux cord, you might be the driver, or you might be vibing in the backseat with a friend. No matter what you’re doing, it is always important to stay comfortable.  

Emme House, a senior applied sociology major from Holladay, said, “On a road trip one should mix comfort and style.”


Once you’ve got comfy clothes on, it’s time to get the snacks. It’s important to stay awake and alert out there and no road trip is complete without snacks. It should look like an unsupervised child took a trip to the grocery store. Loads of chips, candy and other unhealthy snacks are crucial. If you’re having trouble staying awake, make sure to grab soda or energy drinks. Most importantly, make sure you stay hydrated with plenty of water bottles.

Mya Tremyne, a freshman mathematics major from Farmington, said, “Ultra Rosa Monsters, Mountain Dew, chips and something sugary is a must for road trips.”

Perfect playlist

Every road trip needs the perfect playlist. A playlist that makes you feel like you’re on stage in front of thousands. A playlist that you can blast as you fly down empty highways. A playlist that captures the fun of anywhere you stop. Collaboration playlists are a must if you are traveling with friends. The variety of music will make everyone happy and create memories to songs you otherwise never would have known.

Other essentials

What is the point of making all these memories if you can’t post them online? Bringing along a decent camera is essential. Your phone might be able to capture selfies and group pictures just fine. If you want something that adds a little spice to the mix, bring your camera and I promise you won’t be sorry.

Of course, you’ll also need your cellphone with a charger, some blankets, pillows, a Hydro Flask or two, and sunscreen. You’ll also need more clothes than you expect. Socks are especially important if you’re planning on hiking.

Tory Gonzalez, a freshman biology major from Corona, California, said, “You need to pack cute outfits, makeup, hygiene stuff, shoes, sunscreen, and if the trip calls for it, bring a book to read as well.”

Houser includes energy drinks bought in bulk as part of her essential items list and Tremayne includes lots of caffeine, a swimming suit and sweat pants as part of her essential items.

But let’s be honest, it’s all about the snacks and caffeine!

Whether you choose to go by yourself or in a large group on your epic summer roadtrip or #vanlife adventure, this list is sure to help inspire what you should bring on your next adventure.