A look at some of the best classes at DSU

Students carefully listen and take notes during their lecture. DSU offers a wide variety of classes and courses with some considered by students as being better than others. Trey Urban | Sun News Daily

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We are all required to take the basic core classes in college, but out of the myriad of options available, which are the best?

Choosing the right classes tends to be difficult for students. Many first and second year students struggle to find classes that fit their interests and busy schedules. Whether it’s a professor they don’t get along with, a subject that bores them or a class with a homework overload, there seems to be a lot of pressure to get it right the first time, so you don’t have to put yourself through more school.

The best way to find a class that’s best for you is to take something of interest to you. With over 53 bachelor’s degree programs to choose from, Dixie State University has an abundance of subjects and a variety of classes within each subject. If you’re into writing and literature, try your hand in English or media studies classes to improve your writing skills. If you’re into looking inside the mind of a criminal, take some of the criminal justice classes.

Nathan Ghisolfo, a junior digital film major from St. George, initially struggled to find classes that were right for him. He began by taking information technology classes to figure out whether or not it was a path he wanted to pursue. Later on in his schooling, he decided to switch over to something more aligned with his interests and turned his attention toward the film department.

“My Film 3660 class, which is digital film production, has the best professor I’ve ever had, best experience I’ve ever had and I’ve literally been able to do everything I’ve ever wanted on film sets,” said Ghisolfo. “Plus everyone in that class is awesome, so no complaints whatsoever.”

Parker Sovic, a junior physical therapist assistant major from Bountiful, said his favorite class he’s taken so far is business law. He said the teacher is really cool, and he really connected with the subject.

Another factor that comes into play when choosing the best class for you is the amount of homework you’ll have to dedicate yourself to each week. This can depend on the credit load for the course.

Mikayla Vaughn, a senior art major from Salt Lake City, said printmaking has been her favorite class so far because of the connections she’s made. She enjoys printmaking and the results that come through the printmaking process.

“The professors I had all really cared about what they were teaching and were super knowledgeable and helpful.” Vaughn said. “It was all a combo of great teachers and fun subjects to learn.”

There are many different ways to choose the best class for you. Finding a subject you love really helps in how you approach a class. Taking time to figure out your schedule will also help in how you approach your schooling.