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A look at some of the best classes at DSU

We are all required to take the basic core classes in college, but out of the myriad of options available, which are the best? Choosing the right classes tends to be difficult for students. Many first and second year students struggle to find classes that fit their interests and busy schedules. Whether it’s a professor […]

OPINION | There shouldn’t be pressure to have the ‘perfect summer’

Summertime is when students access freedoms they might’ve been restricted from during the school year. Whatever your “perfect summer” may be, it doesn’t have to follow popular trends. It could be as easy as talking walks on summer nights, visiting the beach every other weekend, going to Disneyland with some friends, or even traveling to […]

Being Brooks the Bison

When it comes to Dixie State University’s mascot, Brooks the Bison, many people ask the question: “Who’s underneath the mask?” DSU is looking for someone to take the mantle to be the next Brooks for the upcoming fall semester. In an interview with the current Brooks and DSU student body president, Penny Mills, we were […]

OPINION | NFTs are the next culture movement

When most people hear the letters NFT, they immediately look confused or start loading on a myriad of questions they may have. I used to be the same as you. Hundreds of questions popped into my mind. For starters, what is an NFT? Why is everyone talking about them? An NFT, or non-fungible token, is […]

The Adrian Project comes to DSU

It may not be as glamorous as Tom Cruise in “Mission Impossible” or any other spy movie out there, but it’s definitely not just another average desk job. If you think every accountant sits at a desk all day, then wait until you hear about the Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigation Unit. For years the […]

OPINION | Mask mandates are necessary and should stay in place

Since the start of COVID-19 governments across the globe have taken extra precautions by having their citizens mask-up. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention said the best ways to help stop the spread of COVID-19 is by getting vaccinated, wearing well-fitted masks, physical distancing of six feet or more and frequent hand-washing. There have […]

2022 Oscar nominations

Every year, movie lovers everywhere celebrate the Academy Awards, or more commonly known as the Oscars. Recently the nominations for this year’s Oscars were released. Popular movies like “Dune,” “West Side Story,” “Don’t Look Up” and more popped up in multiple categories. Let’s look at the nominations from a couple of categories. Best Directing “Belfast,” […]

DSU’s library has limited supply of textbooks for students

Textbooks have crucial information for learning course material in college classrooms. For instance, there are a plethora of teachers who base their tests off of the questions inside of the course textbook. Students who own and study the textbook usually receive in higher scores. Sadly, one of the biggest problems at DSU is the lack […]

Opinion | Bengals will win Super Bowl LVI

From underdog upsets to overtime game-winning field goals, the NFL 2022 playoffs has been one to remember. This year’s Super Bowl highlights the Los Angeles Rams at the Cincinnati Bengals. A Super Bowl that I don’t think many expected, including myself. Seeing as how both teams ended as the 4th seed or 4th place in […]