The results are in for this year’s best school dance

Foam dance was voted our favorite school dance of the year. Photo courtesy of @thedixielife Instagram.

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Here are your options: Foam Dance, Chaos, Retro Prom and Inferno, so which is your pick for best dance of the year at Dixie State University?

We did a poll on the @sunnews_daily Instagram to ask students what their favorite school dance was this year. Shoutout to DSU Student Association for putting on each of these dances to bring the student body together for some fun.

Quick, place your bets because here are the results.

Third runner-up: Retro Prom

14% of our voters selected Retro Prom as their favorite school dance of the year. Retro Prom was an ’80s vibe dance with a punch bowl, disco ball and photo booth. Those who attended wore their best ’80s outfits, and some students even brought a date.

Second runner-up: Inferno

24% of our voters selected Inferno as their favorite school dance of the year. Inferno was the last dance of the school year with a jersey theme. Everyone showed up in a jersey repping their team. DSUSA even made a one-of-a-kind Inferno jersey, and did a giveaway for a couple of students to win the jersey. At the dance there was a photo booth, live DJ, Devon “Dink” Rice on the drums and live basketball games.

First runner-up: Chaos

29% of our voters selected Chaos as their favorite school dance of the year. Chaos is DSU’s Halloween dance, and it is far more than just a dance with an oxygen bar, haunted house, carnival games and silk aerial artist. Everyone who attends shows up in a Halloween costume to embody the Chaos dance Halloween theme.

Here’s what DSU students said about Chaos.

Kylee Seager, a sophomore biology major from St George, said: “My favorite dance would have to be Chaos. I loved all of the different activities that I was able to do. The energy everyone brought and the dancing crowd itself was by far amazing. I loved doing the mini activities, trying the oxygen bar and going through the haunted house. The music was fun, the people were friendly and the dance was phenomenal.”

Kaiya Villines, a junior criminal justice major from Yerington, Nevada, said Chaos was her favorite dance because there was more to do than just dance.

Winner: Foam Dance

33% of our voters selected Foam Dance as their favorite school dance of the year. The Foam Dance is a dance to start off the school year right. Everyone shows up in their swimming suits, goggles and dancing shoes. The entire time you are dancing with foam bubbles to a live DJ. This school year DSUSA even rented large blow up slip ‘n slides.

Here’s what DSU students love about the Foam Dance.

Kate Dummermuth, a freshman exercise science major from Caldwell, Idaho, said: “My favorite dance was the foam dance. It was unlike anything I had been to before. The music was great, the energy was high and it was just such a great start to the best year.”

Aaliyah Moreno, a freshman psychology major from Roosevelt, said: “The foam dance was by far the best dance this year. They had the best DJ. Around the time of that dance it was so hot [outside], and the foam felt so good and kept you cool while we danced our butts off.”

Tahlia Webb, a junior exercise science major from St. George, said: “I loved the Foam dance the best. There was a lot going on with the water slides, photo booth, foam and music. It was just the perfect way to kick off the fall semester.”