OPINION | Apple did it again, the iPhone 14 is worth the hype

The iPhone 14 is out with its brand new features, including long lasting battery life, 21% more screen and Retina XDR display. Carlie Gillis | Sun News Daily

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It’s that season; the iPhone 14 is out, and is showing the world its newest features.

You may be thinking, is the iPhone 14 worth trading out my old iPhone? Will the iPhone 14 be just like my old generation?

This new phone has amazing features that are bigger and better. The iPhone 14 has new features including a ceramic shield, new colors, aerospace-grade aluminum and a Retina XDR display. These are the key features that make this 14th generation stand out.

I have seen many people slowly trading in their phones to get the iPhone 14. I have also been testing it out and asking what features are the most different or new to them to see if I would like to upgrade.

When I first tested the phone out, the lock screen is the first thing that stood out to me when seeing the new phone. The dynamic island around the phone is straight across rather than having a dip. The island consists of the area on top of the iPhone that is now made into a new and improved way for space. This island now shows notifications and can change size for more information to be shown. The tap feature on the island is able to be touched and function how you want it on your phone.

I noticed the audio on the iPhone 14 is more defining. While playing a video on Instagram, the video seemed a lot louder than usual. The sound while being on mid-volume seems clear and crisp next to my iPhone 13.

I like the new features on the iPhone 14 rather than others I have seen on the past generation iPhones. This iPhone has the longest lasting battery life ever shown in the newest iPhone features advertisement. This alone catches my eye. Battery life on past generations seems like the one thing that makes my phone not as capable as the new generations.

The technology of the camera keeps getting better features that lead to pictures turning out flawless. Apple products hold some of the best camera effects, and the iPhone 14 may just be the best yet.

“Innovative 48MP camera for mind-blowing detail,” Apple said.

Emergency SOS that Apple provides is now upgraded. When in need of service, but have none, the iPhone 14 can be there for you. With its new feature that provides no Wi-Fi or satellite needed to use. If you’re stuck in the mountains in need of help, the iPhone 14 can call emergency help no matter the area you are in, whether there is service or not.

iPhones are constantly being upgraded, and it forces people to feel the need to have the new one. Companies such as Verizon and AT&T have service plans that let you trade in your iPhones and get the newest one after so many years. Checking to see if your plan does this may lead you to be able to get the latest version.

The new iPhone seems to be getting great reviews. Looking back at the iPhone 11 to the iPhone 14, there are big improvements that show that each iPhone gets better and better. Some of the generations may be similar to the past versions, which may not lead to needing the newest generation. However, this generation is one of the best I have seen.