OPINION | Halloween traditions are not overrated, they never get old

Celebrating Halloween might be fun not only when you are a child, but also during adulthood. There are tons of cool activities to do during the spooky season including haunted houses, cooking, and costume parties. Misha Mosiichuk | Sun News Daily

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Just because you are getting older as the years pass, Halloween doesn’t and you can never be too old to enjoy the happy Halloween traditions.

As a kid, I remember always looking forward to the week of Halloween. My elementary school would always have events planned the entire week before the holiday. This included Halloween arts and crafts such as: painting pumpkins, frosting haunted sugar cookies, contests of coloring pages, and more. I also remember doing other games such as wrapping my friends in toilet paper to make them look like a mummy.

The best part was at the end of the week, on Halloween, everyone would dress up in their fun and outrageous costumes. I distinctly remember one costume that lives rent free in my head. One of the kids in my class dressed up as a sumo wrestler and had to fill up his costume with air.

Although the unpopular opinion says only children really enjoy the activities of Halloween, and well that is partly true, there are still events that are fun for all ages to enjoy.

As a college student, my roommates and I love holidays and are always looking for fun ideas for group activities and dates. Some of my favorites include pumpkin carving, pumpkin painting, bake and frost Halloween cookies, haunted corn mazes and haunted houses.

At Utah Tech University, every year there is a college Halloween Party called Chaos. It is an event college students can attend and dress up as whatever they decide with friends and enjoy a fun-filled night of dancing and partying. This year it is glow-in-the-dark themed, and there will be activities to enjoy other than the spooky dance floor. Students attending can enjoy the oxygen bar, reptile showings and mini golf.

Every year the Odyssey Dance Theater presents the Thriller for ages of eight and up, through a variety of dance styles and showcases famous horror characters such as zombies, Frankensteins, mummies and more. This is the last time to enjoy the show as they will be closing the doors to this show forever after the last performance on Halloween night.

Adults can enjoy a night out with friends and throw a party as well, dressing up as different characters and even themes including: Monster mash, Willy Wonka, Murder Mystery, Glow-in-the-dark, Superheroes and sidekicks, Hollywood, Harry Potter and many more.

Adults that have kids can relive the memories and activities, they were involved in during their childhood and take their kids trick or treating around the neighborhood, trunk or treat at the local church or school, and dress up in fun family costumes or costumes that excite their kids.

Halloween provides many opportunities for fun get-togethers of all ages and therefore proves that the holiday is not overrated. Halloween allows people to enjoy dressing up as something they enjoy and celebrate their interests.

There are many different fun and exciting ideas to enjoy your Halloween weekend, showing that the fun doesn’t end as you get older.