‘Brothers for life’: Utah Tech men’s soccer team celebrates seniors, last home win of the season

Men’s soccer starter lineup getting ready to win their last soccer game this season. Misha Mosiichuk | Sun News Daily

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The Utah Tech University men’s soccer team celebrated its senior recognition night with a 1-0 shutout against the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Nov. 4.

The score was empty throughout the entire first half. Then the game intensified, and the Trailblazers were able to find five shots on goal. Larson Rogers, a sophomore psychology major from Albuquerque, New Mexico, finished one goal out of five to secure the win late in the second half.

The Trailblazers took its final win of the season and kept the No. 8 spot in the Western Athletics Conference standings leaving UNLV at the No. 10 spot.

The team celebrated its last home game win with its two seniors who played their last collegiate-level soccer games to date.

Blaine Chambers

The team honored defender Blaine Chambers, a senior English major from Layton, and midfielder Raul Ruiz, a senior biology major from West Wendover, Nevada.

Chambers said the bond he made with this team is incomparable, and he was happy to be a part of a team that could stick together through thick and thin.

“It has been phenomenal to have so many different brothers through wins and losses, fights and disagreements, we kept fighting, ” Chambers said. “We’re brothers for life.”

Chambers went into college soccer with the goal to become a better person overall and feels like, through his years of being on the men’s soccer team, he has achieved it.

“I would say I wanted to become a better future husband, brother, son and just a better human being, and I think I’ve achieved that through the lessons I’ve learned here,” Chambers said.

Head coach Jonny Broadhead said Chambers has a great personality and plays his position well.

“With that personality, he keeps a good edge of intensity but also keeps the guys laughing,” Broadhead said. “He is very serious about the team, and this is a big deal to him. It’s a high priority on his list, and it’s never changed.”

Assistant Coach Nick Vorberg said Chambers is the type of player who knows exactly what you’re going to get from him every day.

Vorberg said: “He is very consistent and has great leadership. We will sorely miss him because I think he brings the team together in different ways. He is your captain without an armband, he is a guy that guys look up to.”

Raul Ruiz

Ruiz said he enjoyed his time with the team and the bonds that have been formed from his time on the team. No matter the situation, they will be friends for a lifetime.

“It was fun always having friends on and off the field, and just spending time with them, win or lose, we’re still brothers,” Ruiz said.

Broadhead said Ruiz had great dedication to the team and has seen that through his competition since day one.

Broadhead said he knew Ruiz would be ready to play at any time, and it showed during this game because Broadhead was not going to pull him off.

“Whether luck went his way or not, he kept his head down and went to work,” Broadhead said.” That now shows everybody on the team, that is how you handle your business.”

Vorberg said Raul brings a “fierce competitiveness” about him, and he gives his all every day in games and practices.

“Today, I would give him the player of the match; he worked his tail off,” Vorberg said. “He has been through a lot in this program, ups and downs and injuries. To watch his tenacity and perseverance through that stuff is something I admire about Raul, and it will take him far in life.”

The team will miss these two seniors as they were able to bring a strong fight, dedication and skill to the team.