OPINION | The final night of homecoming week was the best night of the week

Utah Tech students celebrating the win of the rivalry game vs. Southern Utah University Nov. 5 Madisyn Dwiggins | Sun News Daily

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This year’s homecoming game was one to remember after beating our rival and protecting our new legacy.

Homecoming week was a blast for Utah Tech University students, including myself. However, it was Saturday night that led to the perfect ending, and my favorite event of the week.

The football game and the after party, known as “The Dirty 30,” were the best events of the whole week. Utah Tech played Southern Utah University in the rival football game Nov 5th. This was where the students showed school pride the best all week.

Many students came to Trailblazer Village on campus to tailgate with Utah Tech’s clubs and alumni. Many students supported the football team and cheered for our school like no other night. Saturday night lights came to an end with the final score of 48-36.

Many celebrated a big win as we received the ax back from SUU because of our rivalry win. Everyone around had smiles on their faces and were happy to celebrate this big win with the football team. Seeing this, and being there in person, was a core memory I will never forget.

None of the homecoming events brought the exhilarating feeling as much as Saturday night did. Not only did our football team win, but students rushed to the field and then celebrated at the fountain with music and friends.

The next best event led to all the students making their way to the “Dirty 30” for the next celebration. The “Dirty 30” was located at the campus fountain where there was a dance party. This was the next best event because of the excitement that was built up from the big win.

Students danced their hearts out while the energy was high at Utah Tech. Everyone was having a great time with their college friends on campus, and it was a sight to see. As we all jumped and danced, I saw many smiling faces which made the night fun. The students’ pride once again is what made this the best event of the week. A core memory I have is jumping up and down to the song “Pepas” and seeing everyone’s faces show pure joy and excitement.