OPINION | Fake Christmas trees are less of a hassle than real trees

Getting a fake Christmas tree might be not only a cheaper way to feel the holiday spirit for a broke college student, but also it is a safer and wiser choice for the future celebrations. Misha Mosiichuk | Sun News Daily

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In the matter of a few seconds, your once cute and authentic Christmas tree can become the ultimate hellfire.

Halloween has come to an end, and Christmas is slowly creeping up, so save yourself the time and money and just get a fake tree.

Soon Thanksgiving will be over as well, in fact it is a popular tradition in American families to decorate for Christmas the night of Thanksgiving.

One of the first things to be decorated is the Christmas tree, and honestly, I do not see the hype in spending a good amount of money on a real tree that is just going to be tossed in the dumpster when January rolls around.

Last year, my roommates and I decided to buy a real tree, I wasn’t opposed to it until I found out all the maintenance it needed to keep the tree healthy. If you’re like me, and plants aren’t your thing, don’t get a real tree. We had to water this tree daily.

Although this is where the problem arose, we all have a pretty busy schedule as we were all stressed about wrapping up our spring semester with finals, and we forgot to water the tree. We noticed the bristles from the tree fell all over the tile and the carpet, and the tree looked so dried out.

According to the National Fire Protection Association , a tree without proper watering and maintenance becomes a massive fire hazard. The needles from the tree, whether they are still hanging on or fallen on to the floor, are potential fuel for a huge fire disaster.

Don’t worry though, this won’t happen if you just buy a fake tree. For broke college students, like myself, buying a fake Christmas tree is not nearly as expensive as a real tree. You can find a tree for under $50 at the local Target, Walmart or Home Depot stores.

First of all it won’t burn your house to ashes and dust, and it won’t cost you over $100 every year to have a hazardous, disposable tree.

Secondly, the tree always looks good, full and green. A fake Christmas tree will never dry out and leave stubborn needles all over.

Lastly, you will not have to throw the tree away, instead you can store it like you would all of your other Christmas decorations.

If you wouldn’t throw your money away from what is spent on Christmas decorations, then there is no reason to throw away your tree after December every year.