Thanksgiving around the TV

Thanksgiving is a great holiday to get cozy and watch holiday favorites with loved ones. Carlie Gillis | Sun News Daily

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Nothing brings a family closer than watching holiday classics after a big Thanksgiving Day feast.

The Macey’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is a popular tradition families to watch on Thanksgiving morning. My own family has this tradition, and it is one of our favorite annual things we do on this holiday. Without it, this holiday would not be complete for my family. This is an iconic parade that is something my family hopes to go see in person one day.

The parade will be streaming on NBC and Peacock on Thanksgiving Day from 9 a.m.-noon.

After we stuff our faces with turkey and stuffing, many, including my family, start bringing out the holiday classics. “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving,” along with “A Charlie Brown Christmas” is a classic watched for these certain holidays. This peanut holiday classic shows the gathering of friends when Peppermint Patty and her friends put Charlie Brown in charge of Thanksgiving Day. Watching Charlie Brown brings a nostalgic feel to my typical Thanksgiving night. I love to have this as my tradition as it celebrates the iconic history that Charlie Brown classics bring every season.

There are certain pieces of media that families always come back to during the holidays. Whether they are traditions or a must watch at the holidays, media plays a big role. Many of my must have holiday watch list movies include “Home Alone,” “Christmas with the Kranks” and “The Grinch.”

“The Grinch” is another holiday classic I pull out of the cabinet on Thanksgiving. This movie is a great holiday movie to cuddle up to on the couch and watch after a long Thanksgiving Day. This is a fun and family friendly movie in an animated version along with the version featuring Jim Carrey. Me and my extended family also watch this movie after our big dinner while setting up the Christmas tree and eating delicious pumpkin pie.

“The Turkey Bowl” is a Thanksgiving themed movie available on Amazon Prime Video. This movie showcases high school alumni that come together for a turkey bowl rematch against their old school rivals. This movie is all about bringing the family together and uniting as one even with our rivals on this special holiday.

Free Birds” is a great holiday movie for the little ones. This kid-friendly movie is an animated science fiction movie about two turkeys going back in time to the first Thanksgiving in 1621. The turkeys go on this conflicting mission to make sure other turkeys don’t get used for the first feast of Thanksgiving history.

Gathering with the family and watching a holiday movie after a Thanksgiving feast is one of my favorite traditions along with many other families across America. Holiday classics are a great way to ring in the holiday season while enjoying family time and eating your pumpkin pie.