The vast amount of scholarship opportunities at Utah Tech

Utah Tech University has a wide variety of scholarships to offer. Brynlee Wade | Sun News Daily

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Utah Tech University offers a variety of scholarships to assist its students with tuition.

Although Utah Tech’s scholarship website offers a detailed list of available scholarships, many students are still unaware of the available opportunities.

Alumni scholarship opportunities

According to its website, the Utah Tech Alumni Association’s Legacy “is a multi-generational program to enrich and enhance the lives of our alumni and their families.”

John Bowler, director of alumni relations, said one of the elements of the legacy program is a legacy waiver which is designated by the state of Utah. The waiver allows legacy children such as sons and daughters of alumni to come into the state of Utah from out of state for in-state tuition.

“Everybody who even has any kind of connection such as nieces, nephews, spouses, siblings and grandparents are eligible,” Bowler said.

The Golden Generation scholarship is available to any student who knows an alumnus. The Class of ’41 Endowment funds the Golden Generation Scholarship, which offers a one-year scholarship based on academic distinction and/or financial need.

Although alumni scholarships are available, Bowler advised students to check with the scholarship office when applying.

“[Students] might be eligible for a waiver based on their GPA and ACT,” Bowler said. “The combined score might give them a better scholarship than the tuition waiver.”

The alumni association is looking forward to receiving more scholarship applications and raising more money to give to the students in the future.

“We are going to tap into the alumni network to try to raise an extra $50,000,” Bowler said.

In addition, Bowler complimented the alumni association and the concept of applying for the alumni scholarships. He said each generation can be better, stronger and build on what has been done before.

Academic scholarships

Utah Tech offers six academic scholarships for incoming Utah resident freshmen. These scholarships are determined by a student’s class standing, non-weighted GPA or index score.

Nonresident freshmen can apply for a presidential, chancellor or founders scholarship. These scholarships require a specific credit load and GPA.

If students do not qualify for the non-resident scholarships, they are automatically considered for the WUE/Red Rocks, Half Merit or Good Neighbor programs.

Student leadership opportunities

Luke Kerouac, director of student involvement and leadership, said since being at Utah Tech for almost a decade, Utah Tech Student Association positions are typically harder to fill, followed by representatives for each department.

In addition to the scholarship, these positions give students the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with deans, department chairs and professors.

On the other hand, some of the widely-known scholarships include, but are not limited to, ambassadors, UTSA representatives, the inclusion counsel and resident assistants.

According to Utah Tech’s scholarship website, UTSA offers scholarships to students who desire to join the student government team. The purpose of UTSA is to promote the interests of all current students while fostering unity and school spirit.

In response to the benefits of applying for leadership opportunities, Kerouac said: “It is probably equal to the amount they receive in compensation for the scholarship. One of the biggest [benefits] is to have real-world experience before they graduate. You will be put in positions where you have to lead teams or lead volunteers and plan projects or work with high-level people… I think that’s a huge opportunity.”

Applications for UTSA fall positions open in the middle of March and applications for spring positions open in the middle of October. Kerouac said he encourages all interested students to apply despite their previous experience.

“I see so many students that are hesitant to jump in because they are unfamiliar or they do not have a friend in that organization, and I think that holds so many people back,” Kerouac said. “We don’t expect that you have experience in it so just jump in.”