5 big entertainment releases for January 2023

The entertainment industry kicks the year off with 5 major hits. Brynlee Wade | Sun News Daily

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January: The month where entertainment goes to die. There are a several reasons for this, but to the surprise of many, including myself, January 2023 is turning into a solid start for the new year.

Here are five pieces of entertainment you should keep your eye on for the rest of January 2023.


What seemed like a new age “Child’s Play” at first glance, this horror-sci-fi film has turned into a surprise for critics and audience members alike. Sitting pretty at a 94% from critics and 79% from patrons on Rotten Tomatoes, Director Gerard Johnstone and Screenwriter Akela Cooper managed to make a compelling tale about an overprotective artificial intelligence seem fresh again.

The 2019 version of “Child’s Play” tried to do the same thing but failed to capture it in a multitude of ways, so it’s great to see the concept come to fruition with “M3GAN.”

You can find still find “M3GAN” in theaters, but as of Jan. 25, you can rent or purchase the film through digital storefronts like Amazon Prime and VUDU.

“Dead Space (2023)”

Due to the closure of Visceral Games, it was unclear as to whether or not the survival-horror franchise would ever rear it’s loveably, ugly head once again. Thanks to Motive Studio and Electronic Arts, this terrifying staple of the genre is back in the form of a remake of the original game from 2008.

Motive Studio has been wonderfully transparent with its development cycle along with regular feedback from the community through occasional beta sessions and play tests.

Should you decide to endure the horror’s of “Dead Space (2023)”-beware- as even the technical director of the project is terrified of what lurks in the void. It will be available for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Series S and PC starting Jan. 27.

“Poker Face”

It’s only been a month since the commercial release of “Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery,” but Rian Johnson is already back in the creative chair along with Natasha Lyonne with this Peacock original series. Just like Johnson’s previous film, this series is a murder mystery comedy.

“Poker Face” is a tribute to classic mystery TV like “Columbo.” What makes the series stand out from its inspiration is the sharp direction from Johnson and the charismatic performance from Lyonne.

The show is a bit rare for streaming platforms that often focus on over-arching storytelling. “Poker Face” follows a classic episodic formula emulating shows like “Murder She Wrote” and the aforementioned “Columbo.” This is not a detrimental factor of the show as it manages to avoid monotonous tropes and cliches that often follow such formulas through witty writing and captivating performances from its cast members.

“Poker Face” will begin streaming its first four episodes on Peacock starting Jan. 26 with new episodes premiering every following Thursday until March 9.

“The Last of Us”

Despite what you may believe, the video game adaptation curse hasn’t been a thing for quite some time. HBO’s take on the PlayStation exclusive of the same name is proof of just that. With a heart wrenching first episode that faithfully recreated the games intro with fascinating world building as well as incredible performances from Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey. It’s no wonder that this series is already breaking records for viewership on HBO Max. “The Last of Us” has been able to bring interest back into the post-apocalyptic genre that has been oversaturated for the past decade thanks to “The Walking Dead” and its various spin-offs. It does so, not through terror or fear, but through strong characters and high stakes for the situations presented through the screen.

If you feel like you need to play the source material in order to enjoy it, eject that notion from your head. The show has been able to live up to its namesake by actually adapting and respecting the video game it’s based on. Meaning, whether you’re a fan of the games or just wanting to find the next big show, this drama’s got you covered.

“The Last of Us” premieres new episodes every Sunday on HBO and it’s streaming service HBO Max until the season finale on March 12.

“Goldeneye 007”

Now, if you wanted to get technical, this game originally released over 25 years ago but here’s why it’s here for January 2023.

For the first time ever since its original release, this revolutionary title will be re-released to the public on Jan. 27, and it’s an absolute miracle.

“Goldeneye 007” was a first-person shooter released for the Nintendo 64 in 1997. What was originally a movie tie-in game of the classic James Bond film, it revolutionized the medium of video games as a whole.

It did so thanks to the inclusion of four player split-screen multiplayer, a practice that has been adopted by countless first-person shooters since then. If you’ve ever heard the term “screen cheating” before, you now know where it originated.

This 25-year-old game has been subjected to many legal disputes due to the nature of the character that adorns the cover. The fact that it’s finally being brought back for a modern generation after so long is a testament to how beloved it really is.

“Goldeneye 007” will release on Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack and Xbox Game Pass on Jan. 27.

It’s not often we get such a wealth of media so early in the new year, let alone in January. Film especially tends to be lackluster before the award season. One can only hope this is a good omen for entertainment throughout the rest of 2023.